A Lichfield woman says she is preparing to take on a fundraising walk in a bid to help raise awareness of mental health challenges.

Alys Coleman, from Whittington, is aiming to take on the 100km Cotswold Way Challenge in aid of MIND.

She said the loss of her father and then her best friend had triggered awareness of her own mental health.

Alys Coleman

“It was the hardest thing I have ever ever had to go through in my whole entire life.

“Trying to live day by day not seeing my dad and just wanting to shut myself away.

“Then a few years ago I lost my best friend. I miss him so much.

“We had some great times and I could always speak to him about my problems. He was a star in my life everything a friend could ever wish for.

“I have noticed my personality has changed so much – I’m not the happy, bubbly girl I used to be.”

Alys Coleman

Alys revealed how her issues eventually led to a spell in hospital.

But she says she is now determined to use the challenge of taking on the 100km walk in June to put her in a better place.

“This year I am going to get me back on track and fight my mental health problems.

“I’m not doing this to make anyone feel sorry for me because this is life, but I think mental health problems are not always taken seriously.

“Particularly with COVID-19, sometimes we all need a bit more help and support – I don’t want anyone to feel or go through what I have.”

Alys Coleman

People can donate to Alys’ fundraising campaign via her JustGiving page.

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  1. Well done girl, a very commendable thing to do. I wish you luck. There isn’t enough awareness or understanding of mental health issues, which can affect any of us.

  2. Walking will definitely put you in a better place Alys. It is a lovely time of year with long days. I have walked the Cotswold Way from Broadway Tower to Bath. It is a bit circuitous as it takes you to places like Clee Hill with splendid views, and other hills for the same purpose. The way is well waymarked so little mapwork is required. Of the many longer trails I have walked it is one of the best and little more than an hour away. Take your time and enjoy the sights and nature around you…. and have happy thoughts! Good luck to you.

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