People awaiting coronavirus vaccinations across Lichfield and Burntwood are being urged by the area’s MP to make sure their GP has up to date contact information.

Michael Fabricant said inaccurate records could delay the process of being called up for the jab.

It comes after concerns that letters with appointments were being delayed by disruption to postal services because of COVID-19.

The Conservative MP said:

“MPs cannot intervene with individual GP practices as to when they should call patients on their list to be vaccinated against COVID-19 – this is a clinical decision that will be made by each practice.

“But the first step is to ensure that your GP does have your correct and up to date mobile number and email address and that you have authorised them to use it.

“And if you have neither, you need to ensure they have your landline phone number.  You will then be called for the vaccine when the time is right.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. Lord Fabricant – did you follow the Party Whip and abstain from voting on the motion concerning retaining the Universal Credit uplift post March? If so, and if you are such an empathetic person, why did you not support the motion and help the poor folk? Oh, I forgot, you have failed to explain why you voted against free school meals for pupils so I will not hold my breath.

    Voters have long memories Lord Fabricant. You and BoJo, Michael, Jacob and your other Tory mates should be mindful of that.

    Finally, I see your mate Woody has returned to the US and has been heavily criticised by his former deputy. With Donald being thrown out of office, maybe you should be looking over your shoulder as you keep poor company.

  2. Yes, quite right.

    Its so important to only be contacted via the appropriate channels, isn’t it Mr Fabricant?

  3. Great stuff…why’re you still fawning over Woody Johnson…future career opportunities Mr Fabricant?
    Your words are meaningless whilst you carry on supporting the corrupt, yes, fascist, trump bandwagon.
    Your words are meaningless & you’ve a day of reckoning coming at the ballot box…but you know that, right. Ta-ra.

  4. Mr F when will you start representing your constituents properly? Starve children, put thousands into poverty, what other cruel and heartless policy will you follow next? Why do you despise people so much ! ?

  5. @Jasmine: if you want to see some real examples of rudeness, you ought to take a look at Mr Fabricant’s tweets. Promoting the burning of the EU flag is hardly constructive behaviour from an MP. And perhaps you didn’t see his recent comments on the Cold War Steve montage? People are right to speak out against Mr Fabricant.

  6. I’ve been to Lichfield Cathedral today for my covid jab and can I thank ALL the NHS staff there for their efficiency ? After seeing last week’s queues outside I went today Thursday expecting the same result but when I arrived I went straight in NO problem and to be met by friendly staff and I was done and out within 30 minutes !!!! So grateful Thanks to ALL ? From a gratefull OAP !! Xxxxx

  7. I am finally having my vaccine at Great Wyrley because I shall be driving and parking is abysmal for the Cathedral for a disabled Burntwood person so what is so odd about a vaccination centre in Burntwood? Public transport is not the safest for 80 plus people and it is too far me to walk.

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