People in Lichfield are being asked to help name a new sports hall at a local school.

The facility is being built as part of a £4.2million expansion at Nether Stowe School on St Chad’s Road.

The work will also include a new reception and sixth form area as well as additional classroom space.

Glyn Langston-Jones outside the new building

Headteacher Glyn Langston-Jones said:

“We are very excited about the expansion of our buildings at Nether Stowe, which will provide first-class new teaching facilities in new classrooms, facilities for our sixth formers and a modern new reception to welcome visitors.

“This expansion will give even more children the opportunity to join us and receive a quality education. 

“The Nether Stowe school community has really come together to deal with the challenges of lockdown and remote learning, but it’s also nice to know that when school life gets back to normal after the pandemic, there will be new buildings for everyone to enjoy too.”

Glyn Langston-Jones, Nether Stowe School

Nether Stowe is currently looking after vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers, while providing remote working for students at home.

Mr Langston-Jones said the idea to name the new sports hall aims to build community links with the school site during lockdown.

“We are looking forward to the benefits of a brand-new sports hall and we would like to get suggestions from students, parents, staff and the wider community about who we could name it in honour of.

“It could be a former Nether Stowe pupil or much-loved member of staff, a historic figure from the area, a local sports star or someone who has made a significant contribution to local life.

“We would like local people to get involved and suggest names, so that the whole community can celebrate this new facility.”

Glyn Langston-Jones, Nether Stowe School

Mr Langston-Jones urged local people to email in their ideas for consideration – although he stressed that they were looking for “serious” suggestions.

“We are expecting a few ‘Sporty McSport Halls!”

Glyn Langston-Jones, Nether Stowe School

Suggestions to name the new building should be emailed to:

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  1. How about ‘The Michael “Look at Me!” Fabricant Building for Sporting Excellence’?

    It could be decorated on the outside with that Cold War Steve photograph as a giant mural and the Joker cartoons of him could be plastered around the entrance.

  2. Hmm. A sports hall available to both pupils and the community based in a Lichfield secondary school.

    How about “Third Time Lucky”?

  3. The Aspley Sports Hall in honour of Lichfield woman Charlotte Aspley who has partook in various marathons over the years to raise money for Mencap Mental Health Charity.

  4. The construction of the Sports Hall is a positive move I’m all for it. As long as it is recognised that children need to be able to exercise and run about outside too. Marcus Rashford is someone not only renowned for his sporting achievements in football but also his caring and compassionate attitude towards children. His tremendous efforts to promote every child’s right to a decent daily meal during this difficult time of the pandemic. For me he is an ideal role model for children. Unless it is a local sporting person’s name is required.

  5. The Aspley Sports Hall would indeed be a fantastic recognition of Charlotte’s achievements
    The email address in the article above bounced back suggestion unfortunately

  6. We have asked the school to check the email information they have provided – we’ll update as soon as we have a response from them.

  7. Absolutely right Asellus aquaticus. Publicly funded joint sports facilities at both the Friary and King Edwards are no longer available to the public.
    “Third time lucky” has a true ring to it!

  8. I had also been thinking that either Marcus Rashford or Charlotte Aspley would be excellent choices. I hope the school can confirm the email details so that people can vote.

  9. Clare, Marcus Rashford has been inspirational and a God send for many families but he has no connection to Lichfield and neither Pamela has Adam Peaty and it would be fitting to name it after someone who has.

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