The chief executive of Lichfield District Council has confirmed she will be leaving the local authority.

Diane Tilley

Diane Tilley will step down from her post in May.

She said:

After eight years at Lichfield District Council I have decided the time is right for me to move on.

“I feel incredibly privileged to have worked with such a great team over the years and I would like to thank everyone for their support and hard work through some really challenging times.

“There is still much important work to do in managing the response to this latest COVID-19 wave and running one of our biggest elections ever in very unpredictable circumstances.”    

Diane Tilley

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, said:

“I would like to thank Diane for the work she has done over the last eight years, ensuring the council is in a robust financial position to head off the stormy winds of COVID-19.

“I am now in the process of seeking a new chief executive to help lead Lichfield District Council through the challenging, yet exciting, years ahead.”

Cllr Doug Pullen

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  1. In the spirit of Jasmine in another thread suggesting we should be more positive…

    Great news!
    Thank you!
    I really appreciate your decision to leave!
    I think Lichfield and district will be a better place and I am super-excited at the prospect of a new Chief Executive!
    Thanks again for creating this opportunity for some new blood to come in!

  2. At least the 8 years in the job hasn’t aged her – that’s exactly the same photo as when she was appointed!

  3. Blimey when I said last week she should be renamed Teflon…..I was wrong maybe not everyone is untouchable when ‘Messing up!’

    Who else can I suggest to walk the LDC plank into Stowe Pool? Minor and Master Seaman Y, Master E?


  4. What a coincidence, the week after the most embarrassing revelation that she doesn’t have a clue what her staff are doing!

    Ps that’s a very old picture

  5. That is very sad news. My experience of Dianne Tilley through public consultation meetings including the fight for the Friary Grange Leisure Centre is that she is a thoroughly professional civil servant doing her best for the community she serves under very difficult circumstances. I’m constantly disillusioned with the lack of informed knowledge and understanding of the facts of the vitriolic contributors to Lichfield Live . Please read and learn before you condemn.

  6. I agree with DKR. I was Opposition Leader at LDC until standing down in May 2019. I always found Diane to be approachable, helpful and honest – not always the case with officers towards members of the Opposition. A true professional.

  7. The problem DKR is that when the councils credibility has been so regularly questioned it is difficult to not be cynical.
    Notwithstanding Friarsgate, we had the Strategic Planning Document, running to over a hundred pages and difficult to fathom. This has led to the massive overdevelopment which is destroying the ethos of the city. A later proposal is to divide the city into four sections!? There is much more. Too much more.
    Both the LDC and Mrs Tilley have done much to devalue a once unique historical gem. Is that anything to be proud of ?

  8. Philip, “Both the LDC and Mrs Tilley have done much to devalue a once unique historical gem. Is that anything to be proud of ?”. I guess not. I agree that Lichfield must once again become the historical gem it is. In my opinion Dianne Tilley’s resignation is not a laughing matter, it is not a game. To think so is irresponsible. I’m new to this arena so I’m not up to date with the history of LDC. All the same while I agree with Philip about Lichfield I have to commend Dianne Tilley for standing down and, unlike many at the top especially Leaders, taking responsibility for the errors of judgement made by staff. My personal opinion, in resigning her post she has shown she has integrity and I hope this serves her well. Maybe it is the right time for her to leave in any regard and so move on to a new future like all of us in this strange and trying period. I hope she takes the lessons learned from her experience working for LDC and uses them to her advantage. A quote I always aspire to in such situations of which I myself have had many an experience is one by Thomas Carlyle. Namely, “The block of granite that was an obstacle in the Pathway of the weak, became a stepping stone in the Pathway of the strong”. Use obstacles in your path to your advantage. That’s what they are there for. All the best Dianne Tilley. Courage. I wish you well.

  9. Well Megan life is full of good quotes… Some of them inspirational. This does not excuse poor judgment. You might as well resort to Shakspear “I come to bury Caesar not to praise him”. And yes I have lived in Lichfield for half a century. There has been steady expansion since the seventies but not at the exponential rate of recent times.
    I have on O. S. map of 1921 (100 years ago). Probably its footprint had not much changed for the previous several hundred years. To compare it to today’s map is amazing and shocking at the same time. If it continues to expand at that rate we will certainly fall into Birminghams orbit.
    Perhaps you can help me. Can you think of any building of substance that has added to the ethos of Lichfield since my map? Any fool can sanction unrestricted housing (without amenities) it takes people of vision to see further.
    Goodbye Dianne Tilley….. Thanks for the housing.

  10. Philip, I’m just not into ‘crowing’ when people lose their jobs. It can affect them in so many different ways whoever they are. One never knows. Loss of home, breakdown of relationships and families, mental health problems of which we have seen an increase with what’s happening right now. As human beings we are all fallible, I know I am. We can all be prone to being misguided and making mistakes during our lifetime. It’s part of the learning process. Unless you are the perfect one in which case I do apologise. To explain my quote which I see nothing wrong with using but criticise if you must if it helps you understand. I can take it. Hahaha. What I meant is that surely it is much better if people learn from their mistakes, move on and use the learning to become a better person. If you need me to explain further please let me know I will be only too pleased to oblige. Anyway I wish you all the best too.

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