Lichfield’s MP has clashed with Piers Morgan, accusing the TV host of “laddish bullying”.

Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

The comments came after Michael Fabricant’s Conservative colleague Therese Coffey MP appeared on Good Morning Britain.

The Secretary of State for work and pensions left the interview after it had been delayed.

Mr Fabricant said:

“Well done Therese Coffey – Piers Morgan keeps you waiting when you had agreed a pre-arranged time slot.

“He tries to prevent you from going on BBC and then talks all over you as he does with other guests.

“Male chauvinist bully boy.”

Michael Fabricant MP
Piers Morgan. Picture: Dr GL Johnson

But Mr Morgan hit back on social media, insisting the delay to the interview was caused by other segments over-running.

“We were running a few minutes late on our schedule because we decided to give more time to a wonderfully inspiring Holocaust survivor.

“I don’t view robustly challenged Government ministers over their own claims as bullying – I call it journalism.”

Piers Morgan

But the Conservative MP said he accepted why the segment may have over-run, but said Mr Morgan should be aware of the time demands on other interviewees .

“It is very worthy and I’m glad you did it, but you then can’t blame Therese Coffey for having to scoot to another interview because of your editorial decision.

“What you claim to be journalism is an insult to all professional journalists.

“I just call it laddish bullying.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. So with everything going on at the moment in Lichfield and the wider world Fabricant ignores it all and picks a fight with Piers Morgan over a TV interview. Nice to see our MP representing his constituents…

  2. Another foolish intervention from a vain and foolish man. Piers Morgan was about to make mincemeat out of Coffey over the government’s appalling handling of the Covid-19 pandemic (world-beating, as in ‘world’s highest per-capita death rate’) and she flounced off like the coward she is.

    Coffey is one of the most stupid and unpleasant people ever to hold a ministerial role – if you would like evidence of this, I would point you towards her abysmal interview with Kay Burley on Sky News in which she repeatedly refused to express any compassion for the destitute mother found dead next to her starving baby in Glasgow a few months ago. Burley was basically begging her to show any sign of humanity, and Coffey would not or could not do so. A vile minister defended by our vile MP.

  3. So Michael Fabricant – the same man who seems to have a serial problem with ‘accidentally’ insulting his constituents and colleagues on social media – is calling someone else a ‘male chauvinist bully boy’ who engages in ‘laddish bullying’ over an apparent misunderstanding over an interview timing incident he wasn’t even involved with. Really? I wasn’t aware that the 25th of January was International Unintentional Irony Day, but there you go.

    Who could forget this:

    Or this:

    Or this:

    Others can no doubt remember other examples; those are just the ones that spring immediately to mind. At least he has good reason for recognising ‘laddish bullying’ when he sees it, since he’s apparently so ready to dish it out to others who have the temerity to disagree with him.

    And before someone writes ‘you have to admire the cheek’…. No, no I don’t.

  4. Laddish bullying, is that similar to the Staff bullying by Priti Patel that received support from the Tory party?

  5. Love him or hate him, Piers always trys to pin these ministers down. He doesn’t allow them to give the woffle they are so fond of.

  6. Laddish bullying, irony or what.
    Such a joker the MP is, isn’t he.
    I think he’s jealous that he wasn’t called for interview himself.
    But I am trying to ignore the imbecilic comments from him as that’s what he seems to thrive on.

  7. Piers is an egotistical, arrogant bully who does not interview but rants. An interviewer listens to answers – watch Sophie Ridge – you can be firm but fair

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