New apartments could be built on land in Lichfield if proposals are given the green light.

Planning permission is being sought for the scheme on land opposite Sandfields Pumping Station on Chesterfield Road.

The land on Chesterfield Road where developers hope to build apartments. Picture: Google Streetview

Developers hope to create two blocks for a mix of one and two bedroom apartments.

The land is currently earmarked for employment, but a planning statement said the use of the site has proven to be “unviable”.

“The site has been designated for employment purposes since the plan was published in 2015, during which no applications have come forward for such development.

“The designation of the site for employment purposes is currently proving unviable.

“The redevelopment of a small site of this size for residential purposes would not be detrimental the council’s employment land availability.”

Planning statement

The land currently sits between two residential properties – a fact whicht he developers say has prevented commercial uses being pursued.

“Until recently a slither of the southwest portion of the site formed part of a garden and was therefore undevelopable with the owners unlikely to be willing to sell the site for commercial development.

“The applicant has agreed a deal with the occupants who have agreed to sell the site on a speculative basis that the land would come forward for residential development, which in its very nature is more palatable in this residential context.”

Planning statement

Full details of the proposal can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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  1. It gets very tiresome finding fault but surely this amounts to a change of use. The council has become a one trick pony…. If it’s green build houses on it! I know houses are needed but they have to be proportionate to all manner of other facilities.
    At least they are not proposing another rest home (unless the application changes) but most residents in Lichfield are becoming worried about what is happening. We are not elitist or obstructive but there are plenty of examples of what results from unrestrained development.

  2. The LDC planning committee will obviously consider this proposal with the proper care & attention our community needs to protect itself from enthusiastic over-development. The residential nature of the scheme is to be commended but disguising blocks of flats as individual houses perhaps not so. It’s the density of new housing that is concerning. I am currently worried about the seemingly never ending proposals to swamp Lichfield in a sea of brick. Our surrounding farmers fields being sacrificed to a ‘once only’ crop of housing. Perhaps our planning committee & their planning officers who advise them need to take note.

  3. Please, please stop with the building in Lichfield, we really don’t need anymore or anything else to furthecruin our beautiful city and surrounding areas. Enough is enough, it’s about time everyone took a stand against crazy ideas like this

  4. Lichfield is being choked to death.
    Every piece of land wether small or large is being built on. LDC need to stop!! It’s getting ridiculous. Congestion, Pollution, over population, how much more can this area take. HS2 hasn’t started yet either. So much for quaint Lichfield, concrete jungle!!

  5. It’s utterly pointless even trying to make an objection to this. It’s LDC, and Ian Eadie’s compulsion to grant planning permission to anything concrete, is becoming increasingly tiresome.

  6. I think it’s an addiction Terry. Like any other. Stuck in a rut planning process. But some for sure are increasing their wealth because of it that goes without saying. Is this what build back better means? Whatever happened to the use of creativity and imagination. In other areas, take Cheshire for example, “In the coming weeks, surprise bouquets will be delivered to people around Widnes, Cheshire, who need a pick-me-up. Blooms will go to, among others, care homes, cancer patients and the local hospice, with the aim of spreading the message “there is a light at the end of tunnel, spring is coming, it’s going to change, hang in there”. Wonky Gardens is one of 4000 community gardening groups set up “to harness the therapeutic nature of gardening”. “We had something grown with love for the community by the community,” says Hayler, “and we decided we would really love to gift it.”. Spare pieces of land can be used for something other than concrete jungles.

  7. How……. do we stop this. I’m all for taking a stand but WHAT will make them listen and see sence, they are ruining the very thing people love about lichfield, it’s old worldly feel

  8. @Jacqueline. You can’t stop it.

    Developers, for years have a tried and tested plan.

    Put in a number of test developments. Expecting them to be declined. If they are declined. They move to another area.

    If the developments are approved. They use this as the basis for appeal, for all future applications.

    LDC have approved, so many of these speculative developments, over the past few years. Developers, now have the ability to appeal any plans, that are declined. Safe in the knowledge. A similar plan has previously been agreed.

  9. Well just some ideas by way of example, if not already happening, maybe residents should be able to put their own ideas forward for consideration when such planning matters arise and it should be a formal part of the process. If the willpower is there maybe a committee of concerned residents from all sections of the city could be formed for the council to consult with. Or local community organisations could be approached to help with such matters. As a means of gathering information contacting community groups in other towns and cities who have used different planning approaches and managed to maintain the integrity of their town or city whilst helping to create a healthy environment for residents might be useful. Such responsibility can’t be left to one or two concerned people in the city. Other residents might have other better ideas. Where’s there is the will there is a way. But it is up to people to take it upon themselves to be proactive otherwise it will be the same old, same old.

  10. Lichfield City Council, we do not need any more apartments or housing developments in our beautiful city. Can you just leave this beautiful city alone!? Money, money,money…more money is all they care! Every piece of land whether small or large is being built on. STOP IT.

  11. Have you noticed with all of these stories recently about land being sold for housing and re-development that there is one councillors name that pops up as often as a piece of bread in a toaster!

    I’ve got a piece of land as a Prize for who I’m on about……Oh wait no I best not offer a piece of land as he’ll probably win and then sell it!!

    Why hasn’t he made any kind of statement about his intentions and wishes for the City of Lichfield? Will he abdicate when he’s turned the City into a place of high rise buildings and no character!

  12. Really – enough is enough. If the council fail to stop representing the interests of its residents – what’s the point in having them?

    A neighbour of mine started building an extension to his own house a few years ago. Got planning permission but, the elevation was 12 inches higher than expected. He got told to take it down.

    However, if you’re a multi million pound builder, who has professional lobbyists working for you – you can pretty much build what you like, where you like.

    I used to love Lichfield. So sad.

  13. It’s no good whingeing and just complaining. Be proactive if you really care. Organise. Deluge the planning department with letters and emails. Blockade the developments. Or will you castigate me for saying such things despite I care about Lichfield and the rural areas and am trying to help any way I can. Contact your local politicians and express your views. Especially those on the Planning Committee. Contact your MP to get the planning laws changed. Or is that asking too much of him. If so vote differently next time. If you have any other ideas on how to stop this madness do say. Otherwise you might as well stay silent. From experience I know that change only happens when people demand it and are willing to take action and commit. Otherwise I am wasting my breath except I am writing instead of speaking. Ha! .

  14. For all the residents commenting on the new build housing in Lichfield
    should watch the Council “You Tube” meeting from Tuesday 26th January
    By the “Economic Growth, Environment & Development (Overview & Scrutiny) Committee 26 Jan 2021
    and watch item 5 on the agenda, I think we should all be horrified for the future of our City

  15. What about the infrastructure to go with all these new homes? What about an additional GP practice. Anyone seeing the mass vaccination of our old folk at the Cathedral should now know why you can’t get an appointment atWestgate … we need more GPs not more households !

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