Lichfield City Council has confirmed it will freeze its share of the council tax bill.

Councillors made the decision at a meeting yesterday (25th January).

Cllr Mark Warfield, leader of the city council, said:

“Last year was a year like no other – the challenges caused by the pandemic have continued into 2021 and will be with us for some time yet.

“The parish council element of council tax is relatively small, but in these uncertain times the city council wanted to ensure that it did not place further burden on its residents, particularly given the budgetary pressures on the district and county councils.”

Cllr Mark Warfield

Cllr Warfield said that while the city council had opted to freeze the precept, there were still financial challenges it faced.

“The city council’s income has reduced considerably and the budget forecast is for that to continue during 2021/22.

“We therefore need to strike a balance between using reserves to continue to improve the services we provide for the people of the city, but remain mindful of the city council’s overall financial position.  

“We had to make some difficult choices for 2021/22, but we remain committed to improving our facilities.

“Proposals for Cruck House and Curborough Community Centre that will be of benefit to users when normality returns are included in the budget, and we also have exciting proposals for The Johnson Birthplace Museum, one of the most popular attractions in the city.”

Cllr Mark Warfield

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