Teachers should be vaccinated “sooner rather than later”, Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP has said.

A vial of the COVID-19 vaccine. Picture: DoD/Lisa Ferdinando

Michael Fabricant made his comments during a debate in the House of Commons around the reopening of schools.

Most pupils are currently learning from home across the country due to lockdown restrictions.

But with the UK COVID-19 death toll passing 100,000, Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said it would be “foolhardy” to set a date for when students could return to class – and he called for consideration to be given to vaccinating adults working in school settings.

“Caution should be exercised when setting the opening date for schools.

“While I recognise the educational cost and mental strain the closure of schools is having on children and their parents, it would be foolhardy to set artificial deadlines for the reopening of schools in this pandemic.

“I also believe that teachers and other adult staff at schools should be vaccinated against COVID to prevent contagion spreading.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Mr Fabricant’s comments follow a question he asked of the Schools Minister in a House of Commons debate.

He asked Nick Gibb MP:

“Can I just point out that today is a day where we have surpassed 100,000 deaths in the United Kingdom due to COVID.

“With 37,000 people currently in hospital with COVID-19, now is not the time to set arbitrary deadlines for the opening of schools, or set arbitrary targets which means that schools can then be opened.

“We must go by the medical advice.

“And in connection with that, may I ask the Minister – does he not think it’s a good idea if we were to vaccinate everyone who is an adult who works in school sooner rather than later, to stop public transmission of COVID?”

Michael Fabricant MP

The Schools Minister replied:

“The thoughts of everyone are with the families and friends of people that we have lost during this pandemic.

“He is right therefore to point out that there are 37,000 people in our hospitals at the moment with this virus, which is higher than it was at the peak of the virus last year.

“And that’s why we have to take these decisions about the national lockdown very seriously, and we have to rely on the advice of SAGE, the Joint Biosecurity Centre and Public Health England – and we have to look at the pressure on the NHS when reaching those decisions.

“He is also right to point to the issue of vaccines. The priority initially is on mortality, which means that they focus on age, where the rates of mortality are higher, but once we are through that Phase 1, then we will be looking at occupations, and the Department for Education will certainly be making the case to the Department of Health for staff in the education sector.”

Schools Minister Nick Gibb

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  1. Congratulations Lord Fab, over 100,000 deaths in UK due to your government’s dithering. When will the Royal Enquiry take place? As our MP, please petition the PM to do it sooner rather than later. Please confirm here when have done so.

  2. It’s good to see our local MP on top of his brief representing us in Parliament and asking hard hitting questions on the big issues of the day. Unfortunately the reality is that Mr Fabricant has clearly asked a deliberately placed question to make the Education Minster look good and try and hide the dithering on an issue which was raised weeks ago. Keep up the good work on behalf of your constituents and please can we have more Twitter spats as it does make Lichfield and Burntwood look so good in the national press.

  3. Fabrican’t doing what he always does. Asking pointless questions that seek to massage the ego of whoever the question is aimed at. Pointless, effortless useless representation of his constituents.

  4. It is a sad situation we find ourselves in as a Nation and the clamour for vaccination including the wrangle with the EU. The fact as stated by the medical experts that after recovery from covid you have 83% immunty which lasts 5 months and counting. Surely a strategy which would mean those who have recovered can still get the vaccine at a later date on a date descending order can go down the queue enabling more people to gain some immunity via the vaccine

  5. It’s a deliberate distraction to talk about vaccinating teachers, designed to cause division and dissent. The infection vectors through the students, who not only attend schools that need funds (slashed by the Tories from 2010 onwards) to maintain any semblance of COVID shielding, but take opportunities inside school to disrupt by removing masks etc, and mix immediately outside despite staggered leaving times and supervision. Infected teachers are a consequence, collateral damage, as are dead ancillary staff, TAs etc. If Fabbo’s party had made zero COVID a strategy, copying the Asian examples from countries prepared to combat SARS type viruses, the estimate of deaths is less than 4000 and some a tenth of that, not 100,000 plus. No excuses, please. He is complicit.

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