An events company has signed an agreement to run a monthly market in Lichfield city centre.

Markets on Market Square

CJ’s Events Warwickshire has agreed a five-year deal with Lichfield City Council to operate the Producers’ Market in Market Square.

The company had originally been appointed for a year to revitalise the monthly event – a move which saw the Farmers’ Market rebranded in a bid to attract a wider variety of stalls.

Jamie Walker, of CJ’s Events Warwickshire, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to have secured a five year contract with Lichfield City Council.

“We really enjoy developing and managing this very popular monthly market last year.

“It’s been well supported in 2020 despite coronavirus and hosts in the region of 25-plus stalls.

“Lichfield City Council have been a pleasure to work with and we’re committed to continue a great working relationship over the coming years to develop this market even further and host more stalls once the pandemic is over.”

Jamie Walker

Cllr Mark Warfield, leader of Lichfield City Council, said he hoped the agreement would allow the market to flourish going forward.

“After a successful trial period last year, the city council is pleased to be working with CJ’s Events on a more permanent basis.

“The monthly Producers Market has become a regular fixture on the historic Market Square, enhancing the shopping experience and adding to the vibrancy of the city.”

Cllr Mark Warfield, Lichfield City Council

The monthly market will take place on the first Sunday of the month between February and December, although only essential food stalls will be operating during current lockdown restrictions.

Traders can find out more information at

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  1. Good to see the market is staying wth us, some very
    nice produce.
    I would say a lot of it is pricey,
    Would be nice to see produce to suit all pockets.
    Whatever has happened to the lady who sold a huge range of scotch eggs?They were fabulous.

  2. Good idea. Been watching moseley Market on BBC. We are surrounded by farmers in lichfield let’s promote them.

  3. Great to see the City Council actually doing something positive for the City of Lichfield unlike its neighbour’s over at Frog Lane!

    We best watch out just incase LDC try to sell Market Square from underneath the noses of the City Council and then say they didn’t know anything about it!

  4. @sarahlandon , agreed, they will all act so confused wouldn’t they.

    However, did you know, LDC & LCC are taking to CJ Events in regards to running the general market and this means higher rents which current traders wouldn’t be able to afford (especially after Covid), also possible trading spots changed, which would mean current traders leaving and been replaced by more expensive traders…. this can be found in the meeting minutes of the council.

    My question is, why can’t they run a market efficiently? It’s not to hard for £50,000 a year, they simply don’t want to work at all, the council assigning so much to outside contractors as a way to avoid responsibility is getting so tiresome. How about people doing there jobs?

    The new markets are a nice addition; but slowly and slowly the council seem to care less & less about the general market and if they sign them over to CJ without conditions it could ruin the general Market. Though I’m happy to hear about CJ continuing the monthly Market the news of them possibly taking over the general market is concerning. Soon it will be sold off!

  5. It may be that there is a problem with retaining Market Officers, which creates an endless cycle of hiring new people. Or it may have been decided that there’s not really enough to do to justify the salaries involved.

    One thing I do know is that there is scope for more imagination and frequency of markets. A “Made in Staffordshire” market, a vintage market and even the occasional car boot sale could all be considered to keep things interesting and to get people coming into Lichfield.

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