The car park at the McDonald's at Wall Island
The car park at the McDonald’s at Wall Island. Picture: Google Streetview

Police are appealing for information after a catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle in a McDonald’s car park.

It was taken from a silver Volkswagen Lupo between 10.30am and 2pm on Thursday (28th January).

The vehicle was parked in the car park at the McDonald’s restaurant at Wall Island.

Anyone with information can call police on 101 quoting incident 350 of 29th January.

7 replies on “Appeal after catalytic converter is stolen from vehicle in car park”

  1. Wow, stolen from a Volkswagen Lupo. These criminals must be pretty desperate. Those car parks at Wall Island are a hot spot for this. Good job I don’t go to the gym there anymore. They really do need estate wide CCTV, but that will cost money for the estate owners so that won’t happen. Can’t we just throw these criminals in a pit of used covid infected needles?

  2. Your reaction is understandable Richard. We’ve had our CC stolen twice in 10 months. The emotional distress, economic and practical consequences are huge. These people do not care about the consequences. We took further safety precautuions but they still cut through it all. So we decided to sell our target car and get it off the road.

  3. This is a major problem and has taken over from copper and lead theft.
    It is easy to dispose of as scrap yards do not have to be held responsible as to wear it came from.
    One of the answers would be to make scrap yards licensed to accept it and take full details including I’d from the people stealing it.
    I own a garage and daily have people trying to buy old units from us.
    These thieves do not care about the distress and costs involved but if it were harder to dispose of it may be a deterrent.

  4. Were and what are the police no patrols ,no visual site of them what are we paying tax for they never seem to be around and guess what the criminals are aware

  5. The Police are to thin on the ground ,no visual because they just dart from here to there in their cars a lot of them are under cover so you would not realise that they are there ,it all down to chance & public awareness if they catch anybody .They say unlees you have it recorded they can`t do anything .

  6. The tories ran down the N.H.S and police for 10 years ,now they realise how much they are both needed ,johnson said he cant live on £15000 a year rent and council tax free ,they decide their pay risewhile allowing workers to have 1%. Still people who voted for himget what they deserve .

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