People in Lichfield are being urged to have their say in a new consultation on HS2.

Views are being sought on Phase 2A of the scheme, which cuts through Lichfield and Handsacre.

An artist’s impression of HS2

Open until 26th February, it will cover the the natural environment and the impact of HS2 construction traffic in the area.

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said:

“It also seeks views on local transport provision and whether upgrades to existing railway stations, new railway stations or new rail lines are needed to connect to the scheme. 

“I hope that all those affected by this scheme, which I opposed in Parliament, will contribute to the consultation.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Further information on the consultation and how to respond is available at

Transport Minister Andrew Stephenson said:

“Royal Assent to the Bill for Phase 2a from Birmingham to Crewe, which we expect to receive shortly, will mark a major milestone for the scheme.

“After a number of years of route and scheme development and consultation, and over three years of consideration by Parliament, the scheme is now settled, and is entering the delivery phase.

“However, the passing of the Bill does not mean the end of engagement with local communities. Indeed, it is only the beginning of a renewed effort to try to mitigate the impacts of the HS2 works on them and I look forward to hearing views in response to this consultation.”

Transport Minister Andrew Stephenson

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  1. Thinking about HS2 makes my heart sink. How many of the ordinary people, the man and woman in the street will use it. The amount of money spent on it could mostly have been spent on improving facilities and train systems “Up North”. And would be more than enough to pay for the NHS. A broad eclectic NHS. One like in France where if preferable one can have a Homeopathic GP as I did. The NHS uses healing services anyway. But if necessary there is a need for allopathic or surgery so be it. They could all work together. Each to his own need. We need to start thinking outside of the past. Of newer creative ways of being and living. More sustainable ways for individuals, communities, the country and the whole wide world. Am I a dreamer?. Well what if I am. I would rather have a dream than a nightmare. We are all the same, as human beings, yet different. Different in our needs. There’s no reason all of us cannot be accommodated in the great scheme of things. All for one. One for all

  2. I find it very difficult that such a project can go ahead in such difficult financial times .l live close to the Rugeley to Birmingham railway at Cheslyn Hay with my nearest station Landywood . I am also very close to the M6toll road which is little used .l feel that this very expensive project will be the same another white elephant with no connections for local people and far to expensive to use just like the toll road which was designed to relieve traffic off the M6

  3. HS2 too depressing.We are suffering badly in Whittington.So much talk today about the value of countryside & planting trees & caring for wildlife.Thid project is just vandalism on a huge scale.Ancient woodland & bird variety all going.Some footpaths have closed so once much loved walks can no longer be.Vast tracts of our valuable countryside all ruined for ever.It should never have been given the green light.

  4. Everyone needs to stand up and be counted if this wanton vandalism is going to be stopped. We are allowing politicians who are here today and gone tomorrow to steal our God given right.. our environment. This project is only happening because the contractors are now in control and they know the government will continue to throw money at it because they don’t want to loose face. After the election Boris Johnson promised to level out the wealth of the country but this isn’t the way to do it. The average man on the street will never travel on it . I’m sure most councils would prefer to be given the money that would be wasted on this project to spend on transport projects in their own area , not this useless train that they have to keep finding reasons to build. This is nothing short of a criminal act. Coronavirus has shown us that the last thing we need is to do is build the fastest shiniest railway line in the world . All the reasons for building it have been proved wrong so it should be stopped now. You can’t make something that is fundamentally wrong right.

  5. In a time when we have demonstrated how much of our business can be carried out on line, and in an era of rapidly improving speed of communication electronically (a broadband package from Virgin offering speeds of 500Mb for instance and with 5G on the way), the need for physically travelling a few minutes faster across the country is highly questionable. HS2 feels like a very expensive vanity exercise that will be a white elephant in our children’s generation.
    For the same cost, more capacity could be produced, and more lines upgraded, at current high speeds for those that really do need (or wish) to travel in person.

  6. Make no mistake this project is designed to benifit London and the South East. It is effectively a very, very expensive commuter line, and a government massive payback for their party donations from the construction industry.
    The benefits to the general population will be minimal. It certainly cannot be justified on the time savings as it is demonstrably obvious that time getting to the paucity of stations will offset this.
    It is interesting that the constructors are targeting areas all along the route to create a fait accompli situation, just in case sanity might return.
    I am certainly in favour of infrastructure projects but if there was ever a white elephant….. This is it !

  7. HS1 in Kent has never & will never make any money. In view of CVD with more working from home etc. no hope HS2 will make any money either. Time for a rethink.

  8. HS2 is outdated for changing needs of today and the future. It is not fulfilling the environmental requirements. The destruction and stress it is causing to people and wildlife should be of main priority. Improve what we already have in place. Stop HS2 an unnecessary and ludicrously expensive mistake for people, wildlife and the environment.

  9. Two points . First , all the evidence of future trends show that commuter travel will decline as remote working , as we have at the moment , for office work, will become the norm . Our current pandemic has simply speeded up what was inevitable anyway . Travelling to business meetings will also decline as virtual meetings via Zoom , M/S Team etc will save time , money and carbon emissions . It’s a win-win scenario . So fewer people will be travelling for work purposes .
    Second . All the evidence of the past , shows that improved transport links to London have acted like a magnet to draw more and more people into the Capital to live and work . To visualise a reversal because of HS2 simply ignores human and business behavioural habits . Businesses and workers will not be moving out of the affluent Southeast and moving to the Black Country , or Manchester , even less Leeds . So HS2 , as an economic leveller will not work . Its whole concept is flawed and goes against all known economic and social trends .
    A huge white elephant .

  10. At a time when this country is striving to: maintain life, curtail a deadly virus, ensure that the NHS has the resources to cope, protect jobs, develop and deliver vaccines, support mental health, establish trade links, budget for the future economy, encourage walking and exercise locally to name but a few – WHY is money being pumped into an outdated rail line that be too costly to use.
    HS2 = damage, destruction,despair, devastation of our loved countryside.
    Come on…focus on the UK priorities here and now. STOP the devastation, withdraw contracts, SAVE life and lives.

  11. What is the point in this consultation. HS2 is too important to the Government’s misguided and ill-judged programme aimed at the constriction industry and boosting national infrastructure. It will carry on regardless because it has already invested far too much to change now. HS2 was never a realistic solution to anything – as ever the Government went for the big headline-grabbing scheme rather than listen and identify more workable and sustainable solutions. So this consultation is nothing of the sort, it is merely an exercise in meetings its statutory obligations and nothing of any significance will result from this. The HS2 train has already left the station and will not be stopped, delayed, redirected or altered in any way. Our MP knows this full well, if the Government actually listened then HS2 would never progressed from the initial idea phase.

  12. In view of the unlikelihood of HS2 coming in on budget, at a time went the UK is facing unprecidented economic challenges, the CoVid shift to home working and EuroStars financial difficulties post Brexit and the significant reduction in its daily service using HS1 to the EuroTunnrel does this in itself bring into question the likely viability of HS2? Moreover the notion that HS2 will reduce the travel time to London, for local residents in Lichfield and District is a myth – getting to B/ham would take 25/30 mins, another 15 mins to find carpaking at the cost of at least 5;00 etc could easily put an hour on travel time before even getting on the train (plus the cost of fuel and the return journey home on the ExpressWay in rush out traffic) Of even greater concern is the damage to Staffodshire’s rural country side – everywhere you look – the Weefford/Hints Heart of the Country Way, Knoxs Grave, Whittington Heath, Fradley, Streethay, Curbrough, large swaths of woodlsand have been felled and housing has been compulsory purchased – this is before the heavy plan starts with the real construction work and the consequent impact this will have on road closures, traffic light controls and the effect this will have on rush hour traffic movement and school run conjestion. Also not sure that the Northern Powerhouses justification that HS2 will re energise their industry and economic activity and rebalance the London/SE centric issue is sufficient to justify contiued construction until there has been a comprehensive re appraisal

  13. we need to spend more money for people with bicycles to be able to access the trains easier, we don’t need faster trains, more reliable ones we can count on getting us to our destinations safely. I have a ebike and hybrid and am finding it difficult due to age and mobility to get them on trains with luggage. we need more empty coaches for bikes I can’t manage the hooks we have to lift the bike onto. want to do more travelling on trains with bikes, but its putting me off. please do something about it. thanks

  14. I cringe every time I hear HS2. The consequences we face during the construction of this ‘White Elephant’ is horrendous. The affect on our ancient forests, countryside, wild life, environment and heartache caused to those having to face compulsory purchase is immense. The only reason it has not been stopped in face of opposition is due to the employment it has created and fear of losing face. The end product is not needed, especially in the light of the majority of people and employers realising the benefit of now working from home. HS2 must be stopped. The millions of pounds being wasted on this ridiculous rail line could be better spent on improving our existing railways. We can only hope that people power will prevail and our Government listens.

  15. I do not understand that HS2 has not had royal accent for phase 2b but they are cutting down trees and ploughing up fields all around Lichfield and Fradley. HS2 think they can do anything they want and are above the law. This consultantion will not matter one bit they will go ahead regardless. At a time of crisis think what this money could do. For the nhs and the now grave situation reguarding high rise fire hazard of the cladding. People could lose everything with the costs that are being passed on to residencies. HS2 money could pay for the safe cladding but who cares the goverment dont.

  16. I had really hoped that something good would come out of this pandemic. It has taught us nothing it would seem-or rather the decision makers. I watched a programme recently about a huge nationwide tree planting initiative. Sadly, I have seen with my own eyes the hideous, barren landscape created by construction workers. Vast swathes of trees have gone. Home to hundreds of species of birds, insects and mammals. What right have we got to deny them a home all in the name of commerce. This is not OUR planet to do what we want with. We share it. Not only that, the farce is it shaving a few minutes off a journey and will no doubt be priced for an exclusive club. Jobs for the boys. Shame on you. Once you’re done consuming everything in your way, take a step back and ask yourself ‘whose lives are we improving?’ Certainly not mine, certainly not most people’s and I’m damn sure not the trees that have graced the landscape for decades and the creatures whose homes have yet again been destroyed. Round of applause though for getting to your precious business meetings a bit quicker.

  17. It’s a shame we can’t have a referendum on HS2. I think it would be immediately cancelled as a pointless waste of money, especially with austerity being projected for many years to come.
    Covid has proved that life and business can largely go on, without people needing to travel, due to excellent and ever improving technology. Covid is with us for good despite a vaccine, our attitudes and priorities need to change.
    HS2 is a vanity project, it was never going to benefit the ordinary man in the streets only those who want to get more quickly from London to their second homes, or to airports to cause yet more pollution.
    The cost to our wildlife and heritage in the loss of ancient woodlands and countryside is huge. Our government shouldn’t be allowed to desecrate these without consultation with a population that is becoming more aware of the fragility of wildlife habitats and green spaces and how necessary they are to us for mental and physical wellbeing.
    I despair of this country. Sadly the contracts have already been awarded. The mayor of the West Mids. is a supporter of it. Consultation will be a formality, just a joke, especially in the Midlands.

  18. Mixed messages from the government. On the one hand, they would like to hear the views of the public, on the other hand the plans have been ‘settled’. The government paying lip service to the concept of consultation, what I have come to call the Cllr Liz Little school of consultation. Too many vested interests on this white elephant scheme and a government without the courage to call time on it.

  19. Too many times government and local authorities pay lip service to consultation. Sadly it will do no good jumping up and down and protesting now and even if we did no one is going to listen because the HS2 project is too far down the ‘track’ to be stopped.

  20. Hs2 should have a good effect on house prices in lichfield, houses that were near the stations for hs1 down south saw big increases in value up to 66% in value in some cases so its not all doom and gloom.

  21. David – yes, those lucky enough to live near the HS2 station serving Lichfield are so lucky.

    Where is that again? The nearest HS2 station serving Lichfield?

    Near here is it?

  22. David, I would suggest you look at the HS2 plans more closely. There is NO station in or near Lichfield ! Try spreading your cheery message in Birmingham and Crewe where there will be stations. There is no positive impact for Lichfield, only the devastation of businesses, farm land, trees and wildlife.

  23. Really? Remind me again of a house near to the station in Lichfield.

    On train, we are ~40 mins from New Street, then a hack across to Curzon Street.

    HS1? If you happen to live near St. Pancras, Stratford (no, not that one), Ebbsfleet, or Ashford then enjoy your 66% house value increase.

  24. David you show your total ignorance of HS2 in that one message. HS2 only impacts negatively on the countryside around Lichfield. There are NO benefits to Lichfield because the closets station will be in Central Birmingham! Please look at the plans (again?)

  25. Impact consultation ? Does this imply that any findings will be acted upon ? Short of a revolution this government and our council will just file them under “inconsequential”. We are the voices in the wilderness and are treated as such. Our administrations are stuffed with self serving individuals with a great ability for ignoring those they purport to represent. I challenge our District Council to counter this !

  26. David – just a wild stab in the dark, but do you vote happily Conservative without thinking?

    It would help to explain your comment if the answer is yes.

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