A plan for the future of Burntwood says more “essential physical infrastructure” is required.

The town’s future is examined in Lichfield District Council’s draft Local Plan 2040.

The document – which will be debated by the cabinet at the local authority next week – outlines the need for an improved town centre in Burntwood, as well as a greater level of infrastructure to support residents.

The shopping centre at Sankey’s Corner in Burntwood

“Burntwood is the second largest settlement within Lichfield District and is home to around 30,000 people.

“Whilst rich in green infrastructure, it lacks essential physical infrastructure.

“There are no rail connections or a bus hub, and the town centre requires improvement.”

Lichfield District Council’s draft Local Plan 2040

But the draft Local Plan 2040 also highlights the way communities have continued to thrive around existing shopping areas.

“The creation of an appropriate town centre in terms of provision and design is important in Burntwood to support the settlement and looking at the various means to do this, including securing the right land uses is one of the key aims of the forthcoming Burntwood Area Action Plan.

“There are four neighbourhood centres across the settlement, their function reflects their size and history.

“Neighbourhood centres are thriving, supported by their local communities they offer local services and facilities.

“They have adapted over time to remain viable without losing their individual characters.

“It is important that this continues especially in light of the lack of delivered provision within the existing town centre.”

Lichfield District Council’s draft Local Plan 2040

The document will be discussed by Lichfield District Council’s cabinet on 9th February.

4 replies on “More essential infrastructure is needed in Burntwood, plan says”

  1. I assume that Swan Island counts as one of the four neighbourhood centres. Given the above admission that more physical infrastructure is needed there, how come there are plans to develop the site of the health centre for housing when the surgery moves to its new premises?
    Is this a lack of joined up thinking?

  2. I agree with B Turner. Too many consultancies, but still no further forward
    When will Burntwood get the facilities they badly need?
    More housing developments, but still no more infrastructure
    Burntwood deserves better

  3. Draft Local Plan 2040 … Hmm! Is that a hint when the new!!! infrastructure may be completed. We have Town status. The Town is a disgrace. I recall same debate in the 70,s.

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