The headteacher of a Lichfield school has thanked two charities for their support in purchasing laptops for students who are learning from home during lockdown.

Students with some of the laptops

Nether Stowe School received £6,650 from the Lichfield Municipal Charities and the Swinfen Broun Trust.

Headteacher Glyn Langston-Jones said the money would help disadvantaged pupils who are learning remotely.

“We are incredibly grateful for this donation from two charities who have the wellbeing of Lichfield people at heart.

“With the switch to remote learning, equipment has become incredibly important.

“We had already received 60 laptops from the Department for Education, but this money will allow us to buy more, ensuring as many pupils and staff as possible have access to equipment.”

Glyn Langston-Jones, Nether Stowe School

The school is currently open to look after vulnerable students and the children of key workers, while also providing a remote learning curriculum for youngsters to study at home.

“This lockdown we have provided a robust daily timetable of lessons to the students to do at home, but we’ve taken on board a lot of the research and evaluation from last year, to ensure that we have high-quality lessons providing much valued flexibility for families working from home.

“One of the things we have identified, for example, is that while many families do have access to a laptop, that equipment may not always be available at certain times, because their parents or siblings may need to use it too.

“So, a combination of a more flexible approach to lessons – and more equipment being available because of generous donations like this – help us ensure children can get the education and support they need.”

Glyn Langston-Jones, Nether Stowe School