A consultation over proposals for the controversial HS2 project has been branded “a total sham” by Lichfield’s MP.

An artist's impression of HS2
An artist’s impression of HS2

Views on Phase 2a – which sees the prop0sed high speed rail line cut through Lichfield and Handsacre – are currently being sought.

But a leaflet sent to householders and business on the route revealed the consultation would have little impact on the proposals, regardless of the outcome.

“Given the extensive consultation already undertaken for Phase 2a and consideration of the scheme by both Select Committees in Parliament, the Government does not intend to make changes to the Phase 2a scheme or to its planned construction programme in light of this consultation.”

HS2 consultation leaflet

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said it was “an insult to those living on the route”.

Michael Fabricant
Michael Fabricant

“The consultation was forced on the Government and HS2 when I and a number of other MPs made it plain they would rebel if the Government attempted to reject the Lords’ amendment forcing HS2 to consult further.

“Suspicions were first aroused by the very short period allowed to submit responses to HS2 –  just three weeks.

“This sly paragraph makes it clear that HS2 do not intend to take the consultation seriously.  This is in breach of the spirit of the law the Government has only just passed and its arrogance has been the hallmark of the way in which HS2 has consistently behaved.

“Once again, this so-called consultation has demonstrated the contempt HS2 holds for those living and working along the route and fails to protect the natural environment the rail line will destroy.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Mr Fabricant said he was raising the issue of the consultation with ministers.

“The more the economic case against HS2 becomes compelling, the more HS2 thrashes around to avoid its responsibilities.

“I am now taking this matter up with ministers at the Department of Transport.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. Errrr…no s*** Sherlock!
    What was he expecting exactly?
    Oh, yes, that’s right, it was only a few days ago he was telling us how important this consultation was – https://lichfieldlive.co.uk/2021/02/01/lichfield-residents-urged-to-have-their-say-in-new-hs2-impact-consultation/

    He knew full well then that it was a waste of time and nothing but a cosmetic PR exercise. The fake outrage is not very convincing.

    He also knows that there is no stopping HS2 as it is far too important to this Government’s ill-judged and mistaken construction recovery programme. Without HS2 and other high-profile and questionable infrastructure and housebuilding programmes, the simple truth is the Government has no recovery plan. So HS2 is coming, your views really do not matter.

  2. I have to agree, since they have already cleared forests and hedgerows north of Lichfield, a consultation is a complete waste of time, they have already decided, this would be just lip service

  3. Keep the fight up MP Michael
    Lets get HS2 scrapped what has been done turn it to another use as suggested before
    Spend the money on medical
    Advances and NHS and poverty.

  4. HS2 is going ahead because the UK’s oligarchs want it: for them, it will be a shiny new toy to show off to European oligarchs. If public opinion was against it, huge amounts of our own money would be spent to change our minds. The reality is that areas of dense population are too close together to make the investment in high speed rail worthwhile in the UK: too few people will be willing to pay the economic cost of the journey time saved, and for those that are, there’s the option of flying.

  5. @john madden – yes, the carnage, damage both ecological & environmental is done…HS2 can’t be scrapped my love, it’s a real thing now, not a concept…
    This is not an issue for you is it Mr Fabricant…? Much more precious land can be saved though, if you put your name to it as an elected Member…but…
    …I’m also disgusted by the lack of parliamentary support on this subject, total apathy like..’well, it’s done…’ nothing about fighting a cause worth fighting is there? That’s what people here voted you in for isn’t it…? Or is it? I don’t know…It is,isn’t it…
    Our elected officials are absolute hypocrites aren’t they. Save our local heritage, countryside, whatever…you’ll be popular…not exactly the same as really believing you’re on the right side of history is it…pfft.
    I’m disappointed, really. Ta-ra love.

  6. The present administration – I hesitate to call it a Govt. as that might imply it was doing something useful – is completely deaf to all opposition to HS2, they are simply not interested. There has NEVER been any honest consultation, all appellants were effectively told what was going to happen, I know I attended one; this Govt. has consistently misled MPs and the general public, current costs are now suggested at £140bn. Will there be any honest debate?

  7. HS2 has no business case whatsoever Name at least 40 trades or vocations and not one will be using HS2 including business men– they work from home- it is a waste of space and money and when the taxation hike goes in to pay for it the low paid will lose the children’s Christmas presents to pay for a rich persons travel—- IF they even bother to use it

  8. “The more the economic case against HS2 becomes compelling, the more HS2 thrashes around to avoid its responsibilities.

    “I am now taking this matter up with ministers at the Department of Transport.”…… Mr Fabricant as you are probably aware, I do not always agree with you hahaha. However on some issues I do. No problem. I especially agree with your comments as reported today, 8th February, in Lichfield Live. Also noteworthy Re HS2, “its arrogance has been the hallmark of the way in which HS2 has consistently behaved”. Indeed! Truth.

  9. Government consultations are always a sham. It’s just an excuse to delay the inevitable and show how “democratic” they have been in reaching their pre-determined outcome. It always has been thus. As pointed out by previous contributors Fabricant’s mock indignation is laughable and is like Canute trying to hold back the tide. Anyway is he really going to rock the boat for his boss Boris? HS2 has gone to far to cancel now and the government having made its decision are not going to stop building it. The work that has started around Lichfield is being done to ensure that there can be no turning back given that it has gone too far? Cynical view but unfortunately true…

  10. HS2!
    Privilege for those who want to get to work 20mins earlier…
    POLICING we are not as privileged as No10 to have 24hour protection due to the reduction of our police officers.
    Is it too much to expect these people in power who squander our taxes to benefit everyone!
    This pandemic has proved just how understaffed in so many professions we are, scrapping HS2 could help millions of people, instead of millions of people paying taxes for HS2 which they will never use in their lifetime!
    So tired of all the bad decisions coming out of No10, we really have no voice.
    Whilst I am having a rant, l am absolutely mortified that all our lives are being put in even more danger with the new covid variants arriving in our country ……. Especially as hundreds of thousands of people will have arrived back here from red area’s of the world by the 15/2/21. Like I say we have no voice even when our lives are being endangered!
    SAY NO TO HS2! And give the people what THEY NEED

  11. With Cross Rail costing £15.4 Billion and HS2’s final cost likely to go beyond that, when will transport funds provide for the millions of commuters OUT of London. With our infrastructures so London centric it is inevitable that the countries economy becomes more and more focussed in the SE. If they must go ahead why not start in the north and build towards London, so that when funds run out that part of the country has some structure to use.

  12. Back to finance, the argument to build HS2 due to the amounts already spent, doesn’t stand up. With costs estimated at £140bn., if £10bn. has been squandered already, that would mean saving £130bn. Hs2 is NOT the answer to future transport needs, expenditure on shorter distance commuter rail travel is far more important and needed now. Even the first stage of HS2 is unlikely to be running until 2030, the farce continues. Continue to distrust this “Govt.”, not a lot between the ears.

  13. Name removed with respect I am sure a lot of people chose not to vote for Mr Fabricant however the majority of voters did. He won unfortunately its democracy and we accept it. However just because Fabricant won does not mean that anybody else here cannot “moan” about him. He is our MP an elected public figure and we should hold him to account for his actions and statements. I don’t think many will be moving on as you suggest because as residents of Lichfield and Burntwood we have an interest in what goes on here and a right to criticise or praise Mr Fabricant and the other councillors.

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