A bike sharing scheme should be rolled out in Lichfield and Burntwood, the area’s MP has said.

The StreetBike scheme is currently being introduced across the West Midlands by the region’s mayor Andy Street.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant has now called on Staffordshire to follow suit.

Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

“Lichfield, Burton, Burntwood, Stafford, Tamworth and other locations across the county could all benefit from a bike share scheme like the one currently being rolled out by Andy Street.

“Not everyone wants to own a bike, and experience in London and elsewhere shows there’s popular take-up for a quick and easy bike hire.

“The bike-share trial scheme has now hit the streets of Sutton Coldfield with the trial running for a few weeks. But in March, the full scheme will roll out across Sutton with Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton following in the summer.

“Wouldn’t it be great if a similar scheme were available in Staffordshire?  It’s both practical and healthy.”

Michael Fabricant MP
Andy Street launching the BikeShare scheme in Sutton Coldfield

Mr Street said he believed the Sutton Coldfield pilot would show the success of such initiatives.

“During lockdown, we have seen a huge increase in people cycling around our region. So, it is the right time to be starting a cycle hire scheme.”

Andy Street

Mr Fabricant said he would now be “sounding out” local authorities about the possibility of launching schemes in Lichfield and Burntwood.

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  1. I cycled to work for many years in Lichfield (around 8 years) for a round trip of just 4 miles, but after being knocked off my bike several times despite being fully visable I was asked by my family to stop cycling. I now walk to work instead which is I have found to be far safer as I have yet to be hit by any type of vehicle and I find it very relaxing. So if the distance you need to travel is within walking distance then I would recommend walking rather than cycling, if not then I feel that any exercise is preferable to driving, just be careful.

  2. Mr Fabricant is putting the cart before the horse. Until we have safe cycle routes around the district, there is little point in making bikes available. I would love to be able to cycle between Burntwood and Lichfield, but we don’t even have a decent footpath for pedestrians, let alone a safe cycle route. Our MP’s comments just show how completely out of touch he is.

  3. Mr Wright, your funny.
    Youve set your ugly stall out – all lycra wearing cyclists are morons. Pathetic. Grow up, all cyclists are usually motorists as well.
    Fabricant idea is fair enough, but late in the day. So many people have taken up cycling since Covid and its the Mr Wrights that I hope dont put them off.
    Fabricant needs to try and ride some of the pothole riddled roads get Staffs Council to repair before a death. Try road to Whittington as an example, or trent valley road. Nice big HS2 compound along but the road needs making safe for cyclists. Its lethal, nearly for cars. Sort that first and others around lichfield (not estate roads like last year Amey !) and people can bike share, and then not fall off !!!!

  4. This idea worries me: I just don’t want to see any nude bicycling by our local MP. Surely we can all agree on that?

  5. Try stopping the destruction of WW2 buildings at Fradely by getting a preservation order on them ,as promised !!
    Cycle sharing ?! How typically London !!!!!!

  6. Great idea at a time where everyone’s working from home and nothings open on the high street. Very forward thinking Michael, please waste more of our money.

  7. Bike sharing ….Repair All the Potholes the Dropped Drains and unsafe manhole covers. Complete the road surface between Burntwood and Lichfield appears to a better option. Our Roads are so unsafe.

  8. My daughter was born in 1980. We lived in the new Elmhurst Estate. A regular walk with the pushchair was by paths that joined Watery Lane and up to the rail crossing near the Kings Bromley road. You rarely saw any traffic. I would challenge anyone to repeat that journey these days. Both the volume and speed of cars and lorries would make it very dangerous. Likewise with cyclists, it is a far riskier with present day traffic. The introduction of cycle lanes were supposed to mitigate this but few councils addressed these with any real purpose. Cycling around Lichfield City in the near future might be less of a problem as the traffic will be mostly stationary.

  9. Clare Sholl has hit it on the head again- we need a proper system of cycle lanes and paths first, with nothing being done in this area so far to address this. As for Mr Wright, the problem is with the sheer volume of cars on the roads and the standard of driving, not cyclists. To dismiss all cyclists as either morons or novices displays a staggering ignorance and prejudice. Perhaps our MP would be better to try and address such problems first before encouraging more people to use a poor road system. And no, we don’t want to see any nude cycling!

  10. Lichfield could and should be a bike-friendly place given its compact and flat features. In a way, we already have the basis of a routes for bikes. We have the Stowe Pool and Netherstowe path, Cathedral Walk, the path alongside the Stafford Rd, shared use pavements from Birmingham Rd past Waitrose to the Walsall Rd, shared use pavements on Boley Park and the canal paths.

  11. Mr Wright, we don’t all know any such thing. Don’t try to inflict your prejudice on the rest of us. There are a minority of arrogant individuals in the cycling world, just as there are in any walk of life. How about banning all BMW drivers because of the actions of some of them? Wearing a certain kind of clothing that is practical doesn’t make a cyclist a moron, just as driving a BMW doesn’t automatically make someone a moron. I would be the first to criticise any cyclist who doesn’t follow the rules of the road, and I say that as a cyclist myself. Yes, in an ideal world there would be dedicated cycle lanes, and I would rather use these, but unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world and I can’t see this happening soon, especially in this area where nothing has been done to cater for the boom in cycling.

  12. In the summer it is hard to be a pedestrian in town and around.
    The walk by Minster Pool can be dangerous at times, bikes coming up behind you and brushing past with no warning.
    Walking round town you are constantly bike dodging.
    In the park its the same.
    Bikes should have designated
    Places to cycle.

  13. Denise, I spend a lot of time in town and just don’t recognise what you say. “Constantly bike dodging”? Really?

  14. Round Stowe pool there are plenty of cyclists and out of town in wall lane and claypit lane cyclists are becoming a pest no warning of them behind you as no bells,and as for lights when dusk or foggy,what are lights

  15. Mike, Why wouldn’t they be on Wall Lane and Claypit Lane? The roads are for everyone, unless you know different. Would it make any difference to you that most people who ride a bike also drive and walk?

  16. There is a cycle path along the length of Stowe Pool, duly marked with reminders along it indicating that it is part of the national cycle network. There is also a separate footpath. It is quite simple really, people walk on the footpath, cyclists use the cycle path. Then they wouldn’t have to dodge each other Mike.

  17. Pedestrian if they had lights and bells as by law and they did not ride as though they owned the road perhaps a walker could cope with them but they don’t.

  18. In an ideal world we would have separate cycle paths from footpaths, but we don’t live in such a world, so the compromise reached is to have shared use pavements. A white line indicates the division between footpath and cycle lane. Quite straightforward you would think. After all, you wouldn’t drive your car on the wrong side of the white line would you? Most people are good and stay on the footpath side or move out of the way if not. Yes I agree that cyclists should have a bell or horn to warn of their approach (I have both). Such lane discipline would go a long way to avoid conflicts. They have cracked this in places like Holland, whereas in this country it still seems like a novelty to many people. I don’t agree with cyclists using normal pavements, but it is also annoying when pedestrians use cycle paths. Live and let live. Most of us are pedestrians, and most cyclists are also car drivers. Some consideration on all sides and we can all get along.

  19. Bikes have to have a method of warning people they are approaching from behind and should also have front and rear lights. A lot do not

  20. We need safe cycle routes to encourage cycling. Years ago Staffs CC closed a length of Abnalls Lane to motor vehicles to stop it being used as a rat run and encourage walking and cycling. Gates were installed at either end of the closed section but motorists just leave them open and drive through despite the road closed signs. In fact the gates have now been damaged to prevent them being closed. The Council seems to have no interest in repairing them, or better still installing bollards despite their professed policy of encouraging cycling and walking. As a result Abnalls Lane is dangerous for cyclists and walkers because it’s narrow with bends.

    If Fabricant wants to encourage cycling he should get his friends on the Council to enforce the closed section. Not much chance of that.

  21. I have given up. Don’t see the point. Who cares about resident’s views when compared to the rich lobbyists on the make and take

  22. A bell is not a legal requirement on a bicycle, perhaps it should be, or an equivalent warning method. Of course cyclists can always shout a polite ‘excuse me’. That’s assuming of course that the pedestrian is not wearing headphones or glued to a cellphone. The requirement for lights only applies during the hours of darkness, as with other vehicles, but I agree that far too many cyclists don’t use them when they should. I would have no problem with the police clamping down on such offences as they do (allegedly) with other road users. No-one should act as if they own the road or are above the law. Sadly there are some people with such a mentality whatever their means of transport.

  23. @Megan… I am very much afraid you are right. Democracy only thrives when there is effective opposition to hold it to account. The Lichfield District Council does not have such opposition. Further, and no disrespect to Lichfield Live, there is not enough information reaching residents attention until too late. For whatever reasons the historical and cultural nature of the city is disappearing. It seems nothing can stop this. It is generally recognised as the unacceptable face of capitalism.

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