Schools in Lichfield are being invited to take part in a project aiming to promote peace and wellbeing in young people.

The Peace Pole education initiative is being organised by the Heart of England Rotary Clubs.

A Peace Pole being planted as part of the pilot project in Warwickshire

The organisation hopes it will help highlight issues such as discrimination, equality and poverty in schools

The roll out of the scheme to Lichfield comes after a successful pilot in Warwickshire.

Project co-ordinator, Margaret Morley, said:

“Promoting peace is a Rotary area of focus, as well as part of the school curriculum.

“It’s not just about planting a peace pole, it’s about working with schools to encourage young people to think about what peace means.

“Peace Poles are so important as they take children out of the classroom as well as providing areas of tranquillity and reflection.

“The pole is a constant reminder that we are working together to create a caring and compassionate society.”

Margaret Morley

Schools interested in finding out more about the the Peace Pole Project can contact Margaret Morley at

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  1. What a nice idea. However, personally instead of planting a pole (dead wood) I’d have gone for planting a ‘Peace Tree’ much more in tune with the sustainable world we are aiming for which children would see growing and blossoming just like them and a reminder and something to look at when they get older and think, wow! ‘look how much this tree has grown since I was a child’.

  2. Anna. Yes! Love your comment. Am exactly in tune. Why put a dead piece of wood in place. Rather a living tree that will grow and blossom, providing shelter and give us life giving energy as well as giving us the gift of beauty in all of the four seasons.

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