A Burntwood doctor has revealed that the town has now passed a coronavirus vaccination milestone.

A vial of the COVID-19 vaccine. Picture: DoD/Lisa Ferdinando

The UK passed the milestone of 15million first doses issued over the weekend.

Dr James Ward, partner at Darwin Medical Practice, said Burntwood had passed its own COVID-19 vaccination milestone.

“There have been 5,000 given in Burntwood now.

“The top four groups have been called and we are moving straight on to cohorts 5 and 6.

“There has been fantastic commitment from everyone involved.”

Dr James Ward

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  1. At what price? On Friday, 250+ people over 65 waited 30 minutes in the open in temperatures below freezing for their first jab. How are they this morning?

  2. I had my jab on Friday 15th and arrived 4 minutes before my appointment- after I found a parking space. Some people must have arrived quite a bit before their appointment time but the waiting time was less than 15 minutes I recall. All very efficient in Burntwood – thanks to the people on duty – and better than the 3 plus hours people were waiting at the Cathedral on the first day they opened!

  3. I had my vaccination last Thursday at the Darwin practice .A wonderful , efficient,slick operation. Thank you to all concerned. Yes it was cold but most people were dressed accordingly. The volunteer s directing us had to remain outside yet still remained cheerful.

  4. Both my husband and l had our vaccinations at Darwin, it was excellent, no waiting, cheerful staff, even though it poured with rain,well done to you all.

  5. I had my vaccination saturday 13th at 11am . . I was in and out in less than 5 minutes . . Very efficient !!!!

  6. Had my vaccination at Chasetown surgery at 8.30 Friday morning.Service was 1st class.Many thanks to he people who were working there.My partner is a Key worker who would give anything to get her vaccination right now and would be quite happy to queue.

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