Climate change

Plans for Staffordshire County Council to become a carbon neutral organisation over the next 30 years have been revealed.

The Climate Change Framework will be discussed by the cabinet this week.

New measures included in the framework are switching to green electricity providers, reducing vehicle emissions and increasing sustainable travel.

The authority has also committed £600,000 over the next year to push forward the climate change agenda, and a further £2m up to 2024/25.

Cllr Julia Jessel, cabinet member for environment, infrastructure and climate change, said:

“Climate change is a huge issue that impacts all of us, both now and in the future. It is crucial we take steps now to tackle climate change and its effects, so we can all look forward to a greener future for the county.

“We need to reach carbon-neutral status by 2050, and this framework sets out some of the ways we are going to do it. We will be putting climate change at the heart of everything we do, and making sure we consider what implications there are for the climate in every decision we make.

“This is going to be a marathon rather than a sprint, but achieving our net-zero vision means we can enhance the quality of life and well-being for our residents, provide a sustainable economy for businesses, and leave a positive legacy for future generations.”

Cllr Julia Jessel, Staffordshire County Council

The document will be discussed at a meeting of the county council’s cabinet on Wednesday (17th February).

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  1. It is interesting that my previous contribution has been deleted. There was nothing contentious in my observations and indeed pointed out the many difficulties the council will face in implementing the policy. Can Lichfield Live please explain their editorial policy?

  2. Philip – it is indeed interesting as I’ve just been through the deleted comments and can see that none of yours are in there, which would suggest it never reached submission for us to even approve or remove.

  3. Ross…That leads me to suspect that there may be a fault in your system. It does happen that the same article appears more than once, perhaps with subtle differences, and thus previous comments do not travel with the updated presentation. This was not the case with the Staffordshire CC. article. I had already viewed it in order to see any other opinions and my contribution was there.
    It is of course your site and you can print whatever you think appropriate. I feel all administrations (like councils) should be held to account and yours is the only one currently that offers that public opportunity. The disappearance of my comment is not earth shattering, just disappointing.

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