Council tax bills for people living in Lichfield and Burntwood will rise by an average of more than 4.7%, a report has revealed.

Members of Lichfield District Council will hear the report highlighting the overall figure at a meeting this evening (16th February).

The council tax bill is made up of amounts given to different authorities, including councils, police and fire services – each of which decides how much to set the figure at each year.

The report comes as the local authority is planning to increase its share of the bill for a Band D property by 2.78% – taking the average rise for householders to 4.71%.

2020/21 £2021/22 £Increase £Increase %
Lichfield District Council
Staffordshire County Council
Staffordshire Commissioner – Police & Crime Staffordshire Commissioner – Fire & Rescue
Sub Total£1,778.35£1,863.04£84.694.76%
City, town and parish councils (average)£51.18£52.57£1.392.72%
Figures from Lichfield District Council’s Council Tax Settlement 2021/22 report

The report reveals that the average figures will vary in some areas due to differences within the amount from city, town and parish councils.

The highest parish council rise has cone from Wigginton and Hopwas where the share of the bill has been hiked by 21.57%, while other areas such as Burntwood Town Council and Lichfield City Council have frozen their bills.

Some areas, such as Hammerwich, Farewell and Chorley, Alrewas, Curborough and Elmhurst, King’s Bromley, Hamstall Ridware, Swinfen and Packington, Harlaston and Weeford have decreased the amount they will collect.

The meeting of Lichfield District Council will be streamed live on Youtube from 6pm.

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  1. @Pamela, Parish Council’s share of Council Tax (precept) is quite small (compared to District, County, and the Police and Fire Services share, so a % doesn’t yield much. Also, they can ask for whatever they feel they need, they have less services to run (and therefore less variation in cost), fewer staff, and some have managed to build up decent reserves.

    This year, because of the possibly difficulties in the economy, many Parish Councillors have decided on no rise for their share this year. They can draw on reserves, postpone or scale down plans. District Council and the County have demands and obligation they have to meet.

    Hope that helps.

  2. So, we will be paying more for the LDC, does this include the Planning Dept., and for the police who will most likely be ordered to stop us, the general public, if we ever want to protest at the land grabs, the green parts of our communities that are so necessary for our mental, emotional and physical health and well being that some of us are trying so hard to protect.

  3. It seems wrong that places such as Chorley and Hopwas are identified as individual Parish Councils yet Boney Hay, Chase Terrace, Chasetown, and Burntwood all fall under Burntwood Town Council where all residents pay the same yet the amenities and services received vary considerably.

  4. Think yourselves lucky, the parish council in Fulford have increased their precept by a whopping 116.2% this year !!

    I wonder if this is the highest increase in the country ?

  5. What a rather ignorant comment from Paul. I’ve lived in Fulford Parish for nearly 17 years now and in that time have seen barely any rise in our precept for the Parish Council (Only Borough, County, Police etc). Family in other areas have seen increases year after year.

    The problem is that the percentage reads scarily but the reality is extremely different. On my maths I am actually paying 23p more a week than I did last year.

    I unfortunately (like several neighbours) had to rely on Fulford Parish Council a lot this year in assisting me with my shopping and prescriptions as I had to isolate and am severely poorly. Their reports show a significant amount of people have been helped. I am unaware of any other local Parish Council’s that have gone quite as far as they have to assist us. I’d have been happy to pay a lot more this year in thanks.

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