Police have put the brakes on a Lichfield takeaway delivery driver who had no valid licence or insurance.

Picture: Staffordshire Police

Officers seized a car after it was stopped today (21st February).

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson said:

“We seized the car and reported the driver as they did not have a valid driving licence or insurance while delivering fast food from a Lichfield restaurant.”

Staffordshire Police spokesperson

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  1. The pity is these drivers are on the lowest wages without any rights or support. They also have a living to make, possibly a family to keep who need the income. They aren’t the ones making billions out of this pandemic. We know who they are don’t we. This matter needs to be sorted real quick. Those companies making the money out of delivery in these trying times need to take this on board. And pressure the Government. The Government needs to take action and help resolve this in the interests of all of us especially those using delivery drivers as encouraged by the Government! Even the PM uses delivery. Who knows if his drivers are insured. And it is a nationwide problem after all.

  2. Megan, maybe save your sympathy for the victims of unlicensed and uninsured drivers who kill and maim people every year. Low pay doesn’t excuse anyone from needing to be road-legal. They carry on this way because they know the odds of being caught are in their favour. If the driver of this vehicle gave a toss about other road users, he wouldn’t drive without a licence or insurance.

  3. That looks like a decent spec saloon from a German manufacturer that will have cost a fair few thousand pounds no doubt. Why not get a much cheaper vehicle and use the money you’ve saved on getting insurance? Once you’ve passed your driving test, obviously. Its called living within your means and following the basic laws of the land. More people should try it.

  4. Barry it was possibly insured but not for business use. Delivering anything is classed as business use therefore needs business insurance

  5. Mike – what about the valid driving licence? Any convenient excuse for that as well?
    Or is it all just blatant illegality as it appears?

    Thanks for the insight. Very useful.

  6. @P Destrian, make no mistake I am no “softie” as many, who thought that of me, ultimately found the opposite case to be true. Iron fist in a velvet glove I have been so described by a friend and ex-colleague. No quarter given if the circumstances are right. But hey willing to listen and readjust my thinking if necessary, if appropriate. Fact is it is more than likely that I prosecuted several such offenders in the Courts during my working lifetime. If you did but know it you are teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs m’dear. Furthermore I never said that I condoned this offender’s behaviour. I never would. All that I was trying to point out is the very real discrepancies that exist and are highly visible in our British society right now, to the detriment of us all I might add but more especially to our youth and young children. More so since Brexit and the pandemic since when it seems anything goes but only for some. When those at the top think they can break the law with impunity it doesn’t bode well, in terms of role modelling, for the general population. Of course those at the top have their excuses and the power of some of the ‘cowardly’ mainstream media to back them up more’s the pity. I was merely attempting to point out that with so many people’s lives being affected by Brexit and this pandemic, losing jobs and livelihoods with all that entails possibly causing mental health problems, the ordinary person in the street people trying to keep their head above water, literally in some instances, might be pressurised to act differently than they might otherwise. Perhaps the court will be able to assist the driver to undertake a course which will help him to drive legally. A little understanding goes a long way in these strange and trying times. And do not employers have a responsibility to ensure all is as it should be with their employees who drive. Or are they the shirkers. How much do you really know about this person other than what you have surmised. So easy to judge isn’t it. Already on his way to being hung drawn and quartered. Smacks of the dark ages. Judge not lest ye be judged and measured by the same yardstick. Yet there are those at the highest level in this country, do I have to spell out names, who have been proven in court to have broken the law (and were also willing to break International Law at the drop of a hat if you remember), some of whom have made a fortune for themselves out of other’s misfortune this past year or so. Their irresponsible actions likely to have assisted in causing numerous deaths all over the country and the resulting utter waste of public money is shameful not to say disgraceful and unethical. Of course you will be aware that I am referring to incidents linked to the pandemic. If you were to bleat as loudly about those individuals who pulled the wool over people’s eyes with their sleight of hand making rich pickings out of the suffering of the general population I might be prepared to forgive you. Perhaps you already have done. If so please forgive me. I am no judge so far be it from me to judge them. Who knows perhaps they have altruistic reasons for gathering the harvest unto themselves.. Perhaps they have stored it and intend to help the general public out somehow proving that we are all ‘innit’ together. Wouldn’t that be a fine thing. Let the light of truth and justice prevail.

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