A Lichfield artist has donated an original painting to the city’s canal trust to raise funds for its restoration work.

The painting of Gallows Wharf

Stuart Sampson is known for his graphic designs in waterways guidebooks and magazines, but has revived his interest in painting during the lockdown.

A life member of Lichfield and Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust, Stuart chose a vision of Lichfield Canal in water as his subject for a series of paintings, the first of which can be won in an online raffle now.

In the paintings, which he collectively describes as ‘Wishful Thinking’, the artist says he has tried to merge the present with a parallel universe where the canal had never been abandoned.

Raffle tickets for the first work, a 14inch x 11inch depiction of Borrowcop Locks hand-painted on canvas board with acrylic paint, can be bought for £1 per ticket online.

The first raffle ends at 11am on 3rd April. UK delivery is included or collection is available from Lichfield.

2 replies on “Lichfield artist donates painting to help trust raise money for canal restoration work”

  1. That is a beautiful painting. I congratulate the artist. And what a wonderful gesture. It would make a very good advert for Lichfield if it were to become a, “Life and Living” hub as I described in a previous comment today about town planning. Perhaps this is the Spark that lights the fire of imagination and creativity for the future of Lichfield. The phoenix.

  2. Would it be possible to encourage artists or an artist, this artist perhaps or would it be too much for a single artist, to Lichfield to paint the beautiful unique heritage buildings and the old parts of the city. A competition even. Or not. This would be really good from a visitor perspective as part of the overall scheme of being a rest and restorative healthy living green roots attraction. To have an artist’s trail like the one that started opposite my home in France. The artist in that instance being Pissarro. The Father of the Impressionists. I loved walking that trail with Pissarro’s paintings exhibited all along the way. He painted the countryside and countryside folk in their everyday work. The countryside around Lichfield could be part of the trail all the way to Burntwood and the other parts which need a boost. Just an idea.

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