Parents in Alrewas are being warned they could face fines if their children are found breaching coronavirus rules.

Police say they have received reports of groups of young people gathering at the bowling green of the Royal British Legion.

PCSO Rhys Rockley, from Staffordshire Police, said patrols were being stepped up as a result.

“They have been seen to be involved in drug taking, causing criminal damage and breaching COVID regulations.

“We will be patrolling the area and If they are caught at the location and committing offences they will be dealt with accordingly. If they have no valid reason to be there they will be given fines for breach of regulations.

“If they are under the age of 18, parents will be in receipt of the fine.”

PCSO Rhys Rockley, Staffordshire Police

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  1. The wonderful illiberal world of Covid regulations.

    Even if PCSOs were so empowered, there will come a time when FPNs issued during Covid will be subject a judicial review as to their use, that aside, is this the message Staffordshire Police want to be sending?

    Trust in the police is lost easily, gaining it is the hard part. I hope the police do not lose sight of the bigger picture, the risk from teenagers being outside is minimal, let’s have some common sense. They’ve been locked down for months and given up their freedom, which at any other time would be unthinkable for someone who has not been suspect or convicted of an offence, to “protect” a tiny portion of the population from a very small risk.

  2. I expect the police are fed up with trying to persuade people to act responsibly and consider others, so fines might achieve more.

  3. Well said Darryl

    Just because young people are hanging out in parks etc doesn’t mean they should be charge. As a youth worker I know some young people home life is so bad that being outside with their friends is far better for them. Some of those friends are supporting their friends in difficult times by meeting up with them and giving them hope and laughter in difficult circumstances. There are more to some of these kids stories than you just see for a brief second. I know there is Covid etc but some young people/adults are so close to the edge that being out seeing people is their only hope and escape. Let’s support people in our communities rather than judge without knowing the full story

  4. These reprobates have been trespassing, causing criminal damage, taking drugs and breaching COVID regulations.

    How is it possible their irresponsible parents not know they are out and about, causing trouble, when it is illegal to leave the house unless it is essential or for exercise

    The parents should be fined every time these kids leave the house

  5. When a top government adviser can wilfully breach restrictions and government ministers break laws and codes of conduct without penalty what example is being set by our leaders who lack honesty, integrity and any moral compass. Some fatherly advice and a gentle warning might be more appropriate.

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