Police chiefs are reassuring dog owners in Lichfield and Burntwood over fears of animal thefts.

Research carried out by Staffordshire Police indicates that the number of cases across the county are low.

It comes after an incident in Mile Oak where two men attempted to steal a dog from its owner while they were out on a walk.

Chief Inspector Mark Thorley said the number of such incidents had actually fallen.

“The issue of dog thefts is something that is highly emotive and I can fully appreciate why.

“I am aware of the concerns over this offence and in response asked for some research to be carried out to understand the picture in Staffordshire.

“That initial research appears to show what I believed – that cases are low in the county and incidents look to have fallen over the last year.

“I am aware of national reports and incidents that have been reported in the county but at this time it appears that Staffordshire does not have the perceived increase of dog thefts which people are concerned over.”

Chief Inspector Mark Thorley, Staffordshire Police

The National Police Chiefs’ Council has urged owners to take steps to prevent their animals being taken, including not leaving dogs tied up outside a shop and varying the times and routes of their walks.

Chief Inspector Thorley added:

“It is right that owners are vigilant and take the necessary steps to guard against dog thefts.

“We are aware of the figures from across the country and our officers respond to reported incidents in Staffordshire.

“But the issues in other areas of the country do not appear to be reflected here and while we ask people to be vigilant I would not want owners to be fearful.

“I want to reassure them that such thefts do not appear to be as prevalent locally as it may be nationally.”

Chief Inspector Mark Thorley, Staffordshire Police

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  1. I live in Lichfield and I am worried sick about this as we have a rare breed dog What measures are we allowed to take to protect our pets and ourselves?
    My Husband walks him very early in the morning but whatever time we have never seen Police Patroling.

  2. After seeing how the police handled those at the vigil for Sarah Everard, such a sad case exposing what women experience on a day to day basis in their lives, their concern about dogs seems more of a priority. It beggars belief. Just goes to show where their loyalties lie. I have seen no action taken by the police to make me feel it is safe to venture outside my home during the evening hours. No press article highlighting the polices concerns in Lichfield Live about how they intend to offer protection for women to make them feel safer when out. It is time that the safety and protection of women is placed high on the National Police Service agenda. It seems nothing has changed since Suzy Lamplugh. It is scandalous. More concerned about dogs and property theft than the safety of women says a lot about the nature of society and of our so called Leaders in the UK today. Enough is enough. There needs to be a complete total overall in all sectors of our life about the continuing prehistoric cultural attitudes towards women that are still prevelant.. And this from a dog lover.

  3. Megan – another irrelevant comment on an article when there is an article addressing this issue of violence against women if you could be bothered to look. There is an issue of dog thefts and it does have a big impact on a lot of people, I’m sure if the police ignored this you would amongst the first to criticise them for it. You seem to want to shoe-horn your own agenda – as baffling to understand as it is – into any and every story and issue regardless of whether it is relevant.

    Well done to Staffs Police for taking this issue seriously.

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