Palestine Action groups on the roof of UAV Engines in Shenstone
Palestine Action groups on the roof of UAV Engines in Shenstone. Picture: Vladimir Morozov

Activists have taken to the roof of a factory in Shenstone as part of a protest.

Palestine Action members have returned to UAV Engines a month after campaigners from the group chained themselves to gates.

On this occasion, the protesters have taken to the roof of the building and blocked entrances.

Protesters on the roof at UAV Engines. Picture: Vladimir Morozov
Protesters on the roof at UAV Engines. Picture: Vladimir Morozov

Paint has also been sprayed on the building and windows smashed.

The group says engines made at the site are used in military drones produced by Elbit.

A spokesperson for Palestine Action said:

“We’re back – and this is once again, a clear and unwavering message to the immoral profiteers of war and the perpetrators of crimes against humanity that we’re not going away until Elbit’s lethal chain of weapons factories are hounded out of the UK.

“Petitioning and protests don’t work, so it’s our moral obligation to take matters into our own hands and use direct action to shut these death factories down for good.”

Palestine Action spokesperson

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  1. Sometimes it is necessary to undertake direct action especially when the Truth is being hidden and other avenues have been unsuccessfully attempted. I once chained myself with a colleague to the railings at the Houses of Parliament. It was only a gesture but it was also a message. I for one would not want a company involved in death and destruction, especially one that uses it’s products to cause the death of innocent civilians, as a neighbour. Particularly when the deaths of children are involved or even those reporting upon it, attempting to bring this sad state of affairs out of the shadows into the light. We are now in the 21st Century and still think to behave like barbarians. Wouldn’t it be great if companies like this targeted their skills towards providing resources to help humanitarian efforts in times of climate change, refugee crises, hunger and homelessness. If one in this world is guilty of death and destruction we are all complicit. There’s no escaping it. Long live the Torch of Light, Truth and Justice. Who will next take up the torch.

  2. Hann1bal56 wants to bring COVID into this…..I actually despair.

    What will you find to occupy your mind once this COVID is over?

    Maybe you can find the time to worry about the deaths of innocent people which are being caused by these death drones that are manufactured on our doorstep?

    Hats off to the protesters. All power to them.

  3. Get a job you bunch of wasters! Hope the company take you to the cleaners for your criminal damage. But then again you won’t have any income as you will be draining tax payers money signing on, being as you clearly have nothing better to do with your time. Hope you get your covid fines.

  4. We’re too soft in this country, send the policing bill and repair costs to the activists

    … except we know they are being funded from elitist sources.

  5. @What a bunch of wasters.. mmmm there’s many a person with time on their hands these days. Many have lost their jobs. Several thousand I should think. Maybe more I need to check. I’m sure they won’t be happy with your description of such people. Many more may become unemployed because of the pandemic and Brexit dare I say. Many small businesses may not survive putting even more people either onto the furlough scheme or dependent upon the Benefit system. Think yourself lucky if you have a job and be grateful for small mercies. Who knows it might be you next. What. Shall we turn around then and say the same thing to you. Grow up. Furthermore did I hear you complain about our PM’s dad when he was photographed out not wearing a mask in stores. And @MJ… please name the elitist sources. I am so interested. Are you one of those conspiracy theorists eh?

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