An appeal for information has been launched after 14 fridge-freezers were found dumped in Chorley.

The fridge-freezers dumped in Chorley. Picture: Lichfield District Council

Lichfield District Council said the fly-tipping happened on Little Pipe Lane.

“If you recognise any of the waste or saw something suspicious in the area, please report it to us.”

Lichfield District Council spokesperson

Anyone with information on fly-tipping can provide details via the council’s website.

3 replies on “Appeal for information after fridge-freezers are found dumped in Chorley”

  1. If the Serial Number plaques are still attached to some of these appliances, I wonder if the Enforcement Officers will be astute enough to see if any Warranty registrations have been made with the manufacturers for those appliances, thus making a link with the appliance purchasers/owners, and thus be enabled to levy a fine for that person’s non fulfilment of electrical appliance disposal duties. Despite the deterrent effect, it will no doubt be judged that the work input is unjustified. Myopic looking at the bottom line rather the overall dividend, which no one will have an imaginative perspective to quantify.

  2. The Enforcement Officers contact the manufacturers with the serial numbers and are told that they can’t be given that information under Data Protection legislation. What happens then?

  3. Myopic Officer…..I don’t know….what about a warrant? Would that work?

    It sounds like a case for Hetty Wainthropp.

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