The car park at Lichfield Trent Valley. Picture: Google Streetview
The car park at Lichfield Trent Valley. Picture: Google Streetview

Repair work is taking place at the car park of Lichfield Trent Valley station.

The access road on Station Approach and footpaths are also being resurfaced at the site off Burton Road over a two-week period starting 1st March.

Access to the station will remain in place during the work.

Jonny Wiseman, customer experience director for West Midlands Railway, said:

“The car park and approach road at Lichfield Trent Valley have seen better days and this work will ensure a more attractive and smoother welcome to the station for our customers.

“At the moment train travel remains reserved for essential journeys only, which means it is a good time to complete this work with fewer people currently using the railway.”

Jonny Wiseman, West Midlands Railway

4 replies on “Resurfacing work to take place at car park and access road to Lichfield Trent Valley station”

  1. Would they like to pop up the road and fix Trent Valley Road while they’re at it? No sign of the county council doing anything about it.

  2. Can they do the roads on Boley Park too. Some roads are full of potholes, they are a disgrace. Some potholes have been marked up since last year and still not done.

  3. It would be nice if they provided a proper footpath all the way down to the station entrance with improved lighting. Instead of fighting with cars it is accident waiting to happen.

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