Passengers using train services from Lichfield Trent Valley are bering offered the chance to purchase tickets via a new smartcard.

Avanti West Coast has launched the initiative following a successful trial.

It will also passengers to purchase a ticket online and then load it on to their new card.

The train operator says it will avoid the need for paper tickets for some travellers.

Sarah Copley, executive director for commercial at Avanti West Coast, said:

“We are really pleased to be introducing this smartcard for our customers, especially those using season tickets, as a convenient way of travelling and saving time in the process.

“As we have seen with digital ticketing, the smartcard will enhance customer experience as well as remove the need for multiple paper tickets which has an obvious impact on sustainability.

“Traditional versions are also susceptible to damage which can make them unusable, so this will help solve that problem as well.”

Sarah Copley, Avanti West Coast

The new smartcard can be ordered from the Avanti West Coast website.

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