A group who took to the roof of a Shenstone factory as part of a protest say it was their “moral obligation” to take action.

Palestine Action members on the roof of the factory in Shenstone. Picture: Vladimir Morozov

Six members of Palestine Action were arrested earlier this week after they took to the roof of the UAV Engines factory.

The group say the site is used to make parts for Israeli military drones.

As well as damaging windows and throwing paint on the building, the campaigners also sprayed a police vehicle used to get them down from the roof with red paint.

A spokesperson said:

“Petitioning and protests don’t work, so it’s our moral obligation to take matters into our own hands and use direct action to shut these death factories down for good.”

Palestine Action spokesperson

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  1. “Petitioning and protests don’t work”
    So let’s default to vandalism, destruction, disobeying covid regulations, wasting police time at the cost to the tax payer.

    Nicholas Georges, Guildford.
    Vienna Lstadt, West Ealing
    Nic Aaron, North London
    Ruby Baker, Bristol
    Dexter Herd, Bristol
    Michael Sackur, West London

    Some traditional Palestinian names there and Shenstone doesn’t fall within your local area under lockdown restrictions…

  2. Thanks for providing the names, MJ. If any of the protesters are reading, I will happily buy you all a pint when it’s safe to do so.

    So they’re not Palestinians? I think if I was Palestinian, I would be happy that people far away were trying to stand up for me and stop weapons being made to make war on my people.

    As to Covid regulations, yes they were breaking lockdown and will fined for that, and I wouldn’t argue against that. It’s a pity that the manufacturing taking place on this site is deemed ‘essential’ so they are still allowed to work in the middle of a pandemic – I wonder how that’s affecting our local Covid-19 rates, which remain stubbornly above the national average?

  3. Lichvegas all manufacturing is essential the only non essential is the pub you are thinking of buying beer in. It is people’s livelihood or do you want the 6000 odd people this company employed put out of work. Plus all the people working in the components industry. Get a life

  4. Mike, you feel that manufacturing military drones is essential. I don’t. We will have to agree to differ there. The hospitality industry employs many more people than manufacturing in this country, so you dismissive sneers about pubs don’t look particularly well-informed. As for telling me to ‘get a life’ – are you 14 years old?

  5. Well said MJ. With everything that is going on at the moment the last thing the police need to deal with are these trouble making spongers who constantly harass this company that employs local people with their unfounded allegations.

  6. MJ is right And it may surprise these visitors to Staffordshire that far from “the site being used to make parts for Israeli military drones”, this Israeli owned company has its own factories in Israel to do that. The customers for the products from the Shenstone plant include the Royal Air Force and British Army and are used to protect British servicemen operating overseas. And needless to say, this company employs Staffordshire people mainly from around the Lichfield area. But then, none of that would be of any interest to these demonstrators who have no interest in the facts.

  7. Lichvegas I have probably done more than you ever will,I suppose you think I should never have built jet engines in case they were used in military machines whether planes,ships or tanks. For once Mr Fabricant was correct. These trouble makers need locking up

  8. Furthermore Mr Fabricant’s behaviour doesn’t say a lot about his very good friend Mr Andy Street, Mayor of Birmingham.
    “A mirror reflects a man’s face, but what he is really like is shown by the
    kind of friends he chooses.”
    What are these people doing in such powerful positions. It is beyond me. Unless the people of Lichfield are of similar persuasions. At least the campaigners’ actions are undertaken from a moral and ethical perspective. What moral and ethical behaviour did Mr Fabricant exhibit. Shame on you Mr Fabricant. What on earth has this country come to? No wonder it has gone downhill. It explains everything.

  9. And I am supposed to feel proud to be British. Humph!!! Pull the other one. So long as individuals like this get voted in to high positions what hope is there for politics in this country. And the same goes for those that support him. No wonder people lost interest in voting. I say get out there and vote him out.

  10. Michael Fabricant, whether it is an Israeli company, a British company or a company of any other national ilk is not the point. The point is this factory is a factory making parts for drones that cause untold harm and destruction to civilians and journalists alike, journalists reporting the news to inform us of the truth of what is really happening in war zones instead of the drivel spouted by most main stream media outlets, press and some politicians who try to distract us from the reality. Not to mention the deaths or injuries caused by drones of so many children living in the traumatic circumstances caused by war. Can you imagine what that must be like for them?.. Which mother or father or person of compassion doesn’t know what the untimely death of a child means. As regards to war and the sale of arms for jobs and profit take for example that in Yemen alone 266 thousand people, including men, women and children have died since that war started. Is this something for anyone to be proud of, especially the workers in the arms producing industry knowing their wages and the companies profits are the result of making killing machines that inflict such death, destruction and trauma. What if the worker’s energies in these companies could be redeployed to create something positive and good instead. Something that helps this world we all live in to become a much better place. There are so many problems facing us that need to be dealt with on a worldwide basis. Otherwise what is the point, there will be no planet left for anyone to ‘war’ in. This is not a video game children. It is reality. It can’t be that difficult to imagine a different world. One where war doesn’t dominate and profit from war rule our lives evermore. Mr Fabricant I would be more than willing to meet with you to talk about this. And that a better world is possible if you have imagination and inspiration. My door, or Zoom is always open Mr Fabricant. I offer you an open invitation. Your call.

  11. Megan do you think that BAE in Preston and Wharton should close,Rolls Royce in Derby should shut down the ship yards building warships,etc etc,you would put tens of thousands out of work with your ideas perhaps you would like the army,navy and air force disbanded also

  12. Mike, I really do think we need to find another way of redefining our roles and our jobs. Our reason for being here on this planet. Is it to destroy it and continue to commit genocide? What about the equipment and chemicals and whatever else used that is helping to destroy the very air we breathe blown around the world. Every drone that attacks, every bomb that goes off releases untold substances into the atmosphere to be blown around the earth eventually to be embedded in the soil polluting it. We then grow vegetables in that polluted soil. If that’s the path you want to take all the best. Be it on your conscience but most of all the deaths of the innocent children. But…. Not in my name. My conscience will not allow it. At the moment the important thing is to make sure that the planet that keeps us all alive here on which we wholly depend and the climate change confronting us because of our mishandling are tackled ASAP most important. Otherwise we will all be drowned, unable to breathe due to pollution, or starving and what use all the war equipment and jobs then. Another world is possible. You just have to believe it. If you can imagine a world without war where our jobs and livelihoods do not depend upon killing thousands and thousands of other human beings including children and babes who we scapegoat to ensure we make profits and have incomes and are bigger and better than anyone else, it’s a sad old life. Create an enemy and there you have it, you need arms to fight ’em. Instead of us all working together to change this life. I’m sure many young people whose lives we hold in our hands would agree with me. To go on as we have done without thinking about how we could change our lives for the better and use our knowledge and expertise and use the technology we have to improve the way we manage how to survive is nonsensical. Jobs could and will be created and technology used for the betterment of us all. The people you mention could use their skills and energy to aid humanity. How wonderful would that be. To keep repeating our mistakes is insanity. Carry on mate as you are, be selfish, uncaring thinking only of your own circumstances, don’t care about the humans being killed on a daily basis because of our inhumanity. You don’t have to believe the war mongers whose only interest is self interest. But and it’s a Gr8 big BUT, remember what I said to you in years to come. That…. Another world is possible.

  13. Exactly Darryl. But it comes as no surprise. It was a tactic to distract from the real issue at stake here.

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