People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being urged to remain patient as coronavirus restrictions are eased.

Social distancing signs. Picture: GoToVan from Vancouver, Canada / CC BY

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has outlined a roadmap with steps which could see the country free of current regulations by the end of June.

But with the staggered relaxation, Staffordshire County Council has warned people cannot get complacent and begin to take unnecessary risks.

Cllr Johnny McMahon Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for health, said: 

“Schools are returning on 8th March and plans to slowly return to normality are in place. However, we plead with Staffordshire residents to remain cautious. 

“Relaxing of the rules must be treated with extreme caution and be a gradual process – we cannot allow ourselves to become impatient.

“The current lockdown rules are still in place. Please stick to them, get tested regularly and take the vaccination when it is offered to you.

“This cautious approach will lead us slowly – and most important of all – safely back to the normality we all crave.”

Cllr Johnny McMahon, Staffordshire County Council

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  1. I was working in Lichfield centre on Saturday. The city was packed with visitors on a day out .Car parks were full .Beacon Park Packed ,there was even vendors selling ice cream .Market Square was full of market traders and the city council even provided a fish and chip van ! Lockdown Joke !

  2. People are so stupid and selfish, I was in beacon park on Saturday too and couldn’t believe how many people were there. It stopped me and my cousins from having a kick about with a group from tamworth.

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