Police say they are stepping up patrols in a bid to catch bikers riding in a Burntwood park.

Redwood Park. Picture: Google Streetview

Incidents of a scrambler and a quad bike have been reported at Redwood Park.

PCSO Davina Hickman said the motorbikes were “causing a nuisance” for others in the area.

“If you anyone has further information with regards to this anti social behaviour we would be very interested in hearing from them.

“In the meantime we will be carrying out more patrols at the park with the aim of catching up with these individuals.”

PCSO Davina Hickman, Staffordshire Police

Anyone with information can contact police on 101.

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  1. I think the police should get over to Chasewater Country Park and challenge a the group of people meeting up for drinks and picnics. I was shocked abd appalled when I went for a socially distanced walk with a friend yesterday and there was not a spare table by the innovation centre and huge groups of people congregating – we are NEVER going to get out of this pandemic whilst people are doing this – PCSO’ s please do your job, these people should be fined and bade aware that just because we have a vaccine we are not out of the woods

  2. Calling 101 is a total waste of time, last time I tried it took 40 minutes for an answer, by then the biker could have been in Stoke on Trent !!

  3. They are an issue on Cannock chase too, special the top half by the water tower, during the snow over the Christmas break and it’s still happening now, dangerous to walkers, no need for it.

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