Staffordshire Police vehicle

Tools have been taken after a van was broken into in Burntwood.

The incident happened between 7pm on Thursday (25th February) and 7.50am yesterday on Oakdene Road.

A box and a bag of hand tools along with a battery light were taken.

Anyone with information can contact police on 101, quoting incident 98 of 26th February.

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  1. I had my life destroyed by a van theft containing g all my tools . The thieves are bad enough but the fact that the police had absolutely no interest in taking any forensics or even recovering the engineless empty van which was found 24 hours later in bloxwich side street makes me wonder wether the police are just arrogant and incompetent when most of the trades in burntwood have been targeted over the last few years the police have done absolutely nothing to either help or investigate so why ? Oh yes that’s right they don’t investigate crime anymore they just report figures for a data mad government council tax is a complete waste of money when the people you pay to protect and investigate can’t be bothered to do the jobs they are very well paid for the trades with transits all are paying a price for the Lichfield burntwood divide it’s a complete joke really if these thefts were going on In Lichfield helicopters would have been deployed long ago it’s an absolute disgrace the resourcing and management descions made by both council and police your supposed to work for us not your organisations that direct you poorly disgusted ! It only costs about 10 grand to replace tools never mind no way of making a living and society wonders why there is a lack of respect

  2. I moved from Walsall to Norton canes last year ,had me van robbed twice in 6 months never got touched in Walsall so much for moving to a better area

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