Homeowners and businesses in Lichfield who are likely to be impacted by HS2 are being urged to seek advice on their rights.

An artist’s impression of the HS2 line

The controversial high speed railway line will cut through parts of the city and surrounding villages.

Preparatory work has already begun and the High Speed Rail (West Midlands to Crewe) Act 2021 has now received Royal Assent.

John Ikin, head of compulsory purchase at property consultancy Fisher German, said the move accelerates the process of HS2 acquiring properties and land along the route.

“This latest milestone may be a very difficult time for those impacted by Phase 2a of HS2 as it brings a heightened sense of certainty of the scheme and people will begin to see increased movement on the ground.

“Gaining Royal Assent unlocks a number of compensation schemes, so it is important that those affected by compulsory purchase orders seek expert advice to ensure they fully understand their rights.

“HS2 will be getting in touch with all residents, businesses and landowners along the route, and early engagement with them will be helpful for both parties.

“We would advise anyone affected by the development to gain expert advice so they know exactly what this means for them.”

John Ikin, Fisher German

The Royal Assent means HS2 will now proceed to a consultation phase.

But Ministers have demanded documentation be sent out again after it previously said the consultation would have no impact on the scheme – a move branded “a total sham” by Lichfield’s MP.

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  1. The MP calls it a sham.
    I see he’s signed a letter to unelected bureaucrat Lord Frost, saying we should ban EU bottled water in retaliation for the decimation of UK shellfish industry because of brexit.
    Don’t gaslight us Mr Fabricant, we helped write that rule for third countries due to safety concerns of untreated shellfish.
    Bottled water? Get your priorities right, you utter clown. (Clownfish perhaps?).

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