People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being urged to stay active and enjoy the local area.

Active Lichfield has drawn up a list of walking routes to help keep people active until indoor leisure facilities reopen.

Residents are also being asked to help inspire others by sharing pictures from their walks using the #ActiveLichfieldWalks hashtag.

Cllr Richard Cox, cabinet member responsible for leisure, said:

“With many of the traditional ways we exercise, such as gyms and swimming pools, temporarily closed, now is the perfect time to get into walking.

“We are really lucky to have lots of brilliant parks and green spaces across the district, and we’d love to see pictures taken on your walks, whether that’s of a lovely view or your dog living its best life on a walk.” 

Cllr Richard Cox, Lichfield District Council

Details not he walking routes are available at

10 replies on “Walking routes giving people in Lichfield and Burntwood the chance to stay active”

  1. We desperately need a proper pavement and cycle path joining Burntwood and Lichfield. We live on the St Mathews Develpment in Burntwood and have seen several near misses as people walking and cycling have narrowly escaped being hit by motorists. The main route from Burntwood to Lichfield on the Lichfield Road has no pavement, I’ve seen mothers with pushchairs get off the bus and have to push their child into oncoming traffic because there is no pavement. This is extremely dangerous. If we are serious about tackling environmental issues and encouraging people to walk and cycle into Lichfield the infrastructure needs to be provided. We pay a lot of council tax, many new homes are being built, why aren’t the developers told they have to pay towards the infrastructure to get planning permission? Other cities do this. Come on Lichfield council, it’s time to step up!

  2. Completely agree with Johnathan Harris. I often see people risking life and limb walking along the A5190, and there are plenty more who would like to walk or cycle between Burntwood and Lichfield if only there were a safe route. Unlike with the construction of HS2, joining up the existing stretches of footpath along this route would not involve turfing anyone out of their home or destroying ancient woodland, just putting a few grass verges to better use. It would be a win win for locals.
    Just as those of us living in Burntwood enjoy visiting Lichfield, I am sure many Lichfield residents would enjoy walking or cycling to Burntwood to enjoy our lovely countryside and to visit Chasewater.

  3. Great idea to promote our local walks. Going forward, it’d be a good idea to have a route mileage and difficulty ratio so that people from all fitness levels can make a decision if the walk is for.them or not.

  4. Chasewater
    Good idea but starting at the Ruby club? Everytime I’ve walked past the entrance during the day the barrier is closed and the access road choked with parked cars back up to the island. The walk has after 9.30am become, for me, a no go walk. You cannot safely walk during the weekend due to the sheer numbers of people who seem to have no idea of social distancing and lunatic cyclists who charge past shouting at you to get out of their way

  5. As a regular walker I think this initiative to publicise local walks in and around Lichfield should be fully supported and expanded upon. There are numerous good walks in and around Whittington to the east and to the south I recommend residents look at the recent successes gained by Back The Track in neighbouring Brownhills and Pelsall. Their new walk/cycle greenway incorporates disused lengths of the Walsall -Lichfield rail track and link into Chasewater. These traffic free routes are now being extensively used so why not extend into Lichfield?
    The relatively recently formed Heritage Trail up to Fosseway incorporating the Lichfield and Hatherton Canal is an excellent piece of work which I hope will be expanded upon as the canal extension is further developed.

    The recent surge in housing developments in and around Lichfield will generate a need for a more comprehensive network of walking and/or cycleways in the very near future.

  6. If permission was granted to use the railway line from Lichfield to Brownhills (Chasewater), it would provide a safe quiet route for walkers.

  7. @Rob Sartori: I agree that there can be problems with Chasewater being very busy. However, my husband and I went walking there twice last weekend and were able to avoid any crowds. We didn’t go through the car park (which was very crowded), but walked along the footpath alongside Miners Way a short distance and then went onto the woodland paths from there. We managed to keep off the main paths and enjoyed some real peace and quiet and even heard a woodpecker. Just a shame about the amount of litter people drop there – although we did see one enterprising visitor ready with his litter picking tool setting a good example. Railway volunteers were hard at work on the tracks too. Thanks to everyone who does their bit to make this a lovely place to visit.

  8. I endorse the comments of MR and would direct the Lichfield Community to check out the achievements of Back the Track, a dedicated bunch of volunteers who have, in 3 years, turned a litter infested quagmire into a delightful walk enjoyed by hundreds of cyclists and walkers. Walsall to Brownhills is now a recognised route taking in the beautiful Pelsall Ryders Mere and passing through the gorgeous Clayhanger Nature Reserves.
    A survey carried out last June saw 330 walkers and cyclists pass through in 6 hours.
    Recent steps up to the canal towpath has also opened many circular routes including Chasewater.
    It stops at the A5 in Brownhills and talks are taking place to extend to Lichfield and I’m sure the support from walkers and cyclists of the surrounding community would go a long way to bring this facility to fruition.
    Check out

  9. Quick build more houses Lichfield council before the people realise you sold their future living standards down the river.

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