Potholes prove people in Lichfield and Burntwood are being short-changed by the Government, a councillor has said.

The comments come after Labour said millions had been cut from the local road maintenance fund.

They claim the cuts mean the backlog of potholes will now take more than a decade to clear across the country.

Cllr Sue Woodard, Labour member for Burntwood North at Staffordshire County Council, said the state of the roads in the area showed more investment was needed.

“Once again, this Conservative government is short-hanging Burntwood and Lichfield.

“Potholes are the scourge of our roads – they cause widespread damage to cars and bikes.

“The Chancellor promised they would all soon be gone, then cut the fund to get rid of them. That sums this Government up.

“How is it they can afford billions in contracts for their friends but when it comes to fixing the roads we rely on in Burntwood and Lichfield, they tell us the cupboard is bare?

“It’s either incompetence or the wrong priorities – or a bit of both. Whatever it is, this chaos is holding our area back and it has to stop.”

Cllr Sue Woodward, Staffordshire County Council

Darren Ennis, Labour’s candidate for the Burntwood South seat at the forthcoming county council elections, said the area was a known hotspot for road problems.

“Staffordshire is 135 out of 213 local authorities in a league table kept on a cyclist’s website called ‘Fill That Hole’ with just 16% of potholes fixed in a given time.  

“Data also shows 58% of local authorities in Great Britain have less budget for road maintenance than they did in 2016/17 when adjusted for inflation, so don’t be fooled by the spin they keep putting out about money for potholes – it is even less than five years ago.”

Darren Ennis

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  1. Thank you – once again! – to these two councillors for highlighting the serious issues motorists and other road users are facing throughout Ldc’s area. I have to drive locally a lot for work and for voluntary work and the roads, even major trunk routes, are generally speaking a disgrace. I despair of the quality of works being carried and with the amount of development work being proposed and the increase in heavy traffic that will cause the roads will become even worse in very quick time.

    It yet again begs the question what members of the party I support are actually doing. They are overseeing a shambles on so many issues and remain silent. It is easy for our opposition to highlight these failings, but our party does nothing to address this justified criticism or make improvements. It makes me wonder what our party’s elected members are doing all day.

  2. I’ve got two decent sized potholes outside my house and I’ve lost track of the number of times men have arrived and spray painted around them. I then watch in resignation as the paint fades again and again. Still, keeps somebody in work!

  3. Unfortunately the system for reporting these to the county council is poor. You can report an individual pothole and it will be assigned a number (which doesn’t guarantee it will be fixed). A stretch of road won’t be assigned a number but will apparently be picked up in routine inspections (don’t make me laugh). Still, they have found a way of dealing with them- they paint a line around them. There, that’s fixed it.

  4. Thank you for the information Michael. I filled out the report online, but on one particular page it would not let me move on as I was accused of entering abusive text! After some experimenting, I realised that the ‘offending’ material was in fact the name of my road- you just couldn’t make it up!!

  5. Good example Weston Road is probably the worst road in Lichfield however when they were repairing the roads last year digging up and putting new tarmac in all Weston Road got was “Surface Redressing” tar and chippings in other words. Guess what it’s falling to pieces already ? Nobody is held responsible for this work ? You cannot ring and complain ?
    Things never change

  6. I’ll be painting more of a line around them soon, since they are once again becoming lethal to cyclists and also cars now swerving to avoid some. SCC need to walk the talk of filling in holes. How come we have a £££M site compound along Cappers Lane to Whittington but a legal section of road that passes it with <£5k to patch. And please dont do any more estate road surface coating, ffs!!

  7. That system is absolutely hopeless. I’d love to know how being unable to speak to a human being about an issue is progress.

  8. I tried to complain to Stafordshire Highways department. They don’t even have a complaints procedure.

    Pothole near here has been done 3 times and has now failed again. Contractor is taking advantage of us Council Tax payers. They get paid to fix their own faults. What a scheme.

    The new surface at Tamworth Road / Ryknild Street junction is also failing. Poor quality finish which needs fixing FOC by the contractor.

    The state of our roads needs changing. Same potholes there for more than 2 years. Reporting procedure and management not fit for purpose.

  9. You think the roads in and around Lichfield District are bad. On an ‘essential’ trip to Birmingham yesterday passing through Kingstanding, Witton, Handsworth, Erdington, Stockland Green and others and not having done this journey for quite a while I was shocked and appalled at the condition of the roads which included A roads, B roads and side roads. Someone commented it will take a decade to fix the countries roads, I think it will take much longer if someone doesn’t get a grip on this.

  10. The state of the roads locally, as we all agree, is a disgrace. In fact nationally they are a disgrace.

    Just imagine how bad they be if the traffic levels were at the normal pre pandemic levels. We’re almost lucky the roads haven’t quite the same amount of wear and tear as past years.

    Sort it out LDC.

  11. Thank goodness that we have Councillors who will stand up for the issues that matter in our local area. The potholes are appalling and are such a risk to people cycling. Constantly bodging the job does not make economic good sense. The patching lasts a few months and the pothole is back. We need an investment and for the work to be done well so that it will last.

  12. Having recently had to pay for two sets of suspension damage, I have come to the conclusion that the lack of pothole repair is far from deliberate neglect, but is, in fact, a carefully thought-out council policy to increase employment in the garage sector.

  13. The increase in HGV construction traffic using local roads when they should be using trunk roads doesn’t help. The LDC planning dept ought to be enforcing traffic conditions on all the housing developments. The potholes and condition of the local roads are atrocious. The trunk roads are the responsibility of Highways England and maintenance doesnt come out of the councils budget. So forcing the Construction traffic to keep to the trunk roads where possible would help.

  14. Just a quick update, Staffordshire CC Highways Dept van just pulled up outside my house- I was impressed. Then, the driver got out, sprayed around the potholes, took photos and drove off. Is this the new approach- paint refreshing??

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