Councillors have been told they are allowing Lichfield to become encircled by new housing estates.

The comments came from Lichfield Civic Society following a report recommending approval for a housing scheme off Cricket Lane.

The subject of new homes has hit the headlines recently as Lichfield District Council embark on the Local Plan 2040 which identifies strategic housing allocations over the next two decades.

Strategic housing allocationsApproximate number of new homes
Land to the north-east of Lichfield3,300
Land West of Fazeley800
Land off Huddlesford Lane, Whittington75
Land off Hay End Lane, Fradley500
Strategic Housing Allocations – Lichfield District Council’s Local Plan 2040

However, proposals to build on the land at Cricket Lane formed part of the current Local Plan.

A spokesperson for Lichfield Civic Society said this meant that stopping the scheme now was all but impossible.

The land at Cricket Lane. Picture: Google Streetview

“This part of the site was allocated for housing in the current local plan.

“The development is now an inevitability.

“Slowly, the council are ensuring that the city is encircled by new housing estates – the review of the Local Plan, now underway, proposes to add more.”

Lichfield Civic Society spokesperson

“An area of high demand for housing”

Alongside the strategic housing allocations, the Local Plan 2040 includes information on how many homes will be built from 2018 through to the end of the period covered by the document.

In total, 9,727 new homes will be built – but it also highlights how that figure could potentially rise to more than 13,000.

LocationNet completed dwellings (01/04/2018 – 31/3/2020)Committed supply of dwellings (at 1/4/2020)Strategic housing allocationsTotal
Lichfield city7413,3043,3007,345
East of Rugeley08000800
North of Tamworth831,00001,083
Armitage with Handsacre-42040200
Fazeley, Mile Oak and Bonehill7130800937
Other rural1402620402

The Local Plan 2040 says the “buffer” would ensure enough housing could be built over the period.

“Lichfield district has historically been, and remains, an area of high demand for housing which is driven by our resident population and by in migration into the district often from higher-income households.

“This has resulted in house prices which are higher than the average both nationally and in the wider West Midlands.

“Lichfield district will continue to be an area of housing growth which will be achieved in ways which protect the living standards and environment of our current residents as well as those people moving to the area.

“This ‘buffer’ provides flexibility in the housing supply across the plan period which will ensure that should circumstances change and a development is not delivered – or is delivered at a slower rate than anticipated – the housing requirement is still delivered.”

Lichfield District Council’s draft Local Plan 2040

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  1. Surely enough is enough there has to be an end to the dececration of our countryside. We have had HS2 forced upon us which is going to cause absolute mayhem all around us. We will not be able to go anywhere in this area without encountering vast upheaval. Now we are being attacked by vast housing estates which will encircle Lichfield.
    How is the infra structure going to cope?
    What has happened to our green and pleasant land.?
    I feel very blessed that I knew and loved Lichfield as it was from the 1950’s when we had proper shops owned by local people and where you could walk safely at anytime, weekend evenings included.

  2. Clare Sholl wrote a very good piece making very good points regarding the redevelopment issue on a previous article recently. Sometimes it takes a long write to get all of them across in a comment Clare Scholl. I applaud you. I may try if Ross is willing to copy and paste it under this headline and my comment. I thought this an impressive remark in support of your main point from Palestinian poet Mourid Barghouti,

    “The stranger … does not care for the details that concern the people of the country he finds himself in or for their ‘domestic’ policy. But he is the first to feel its consequences. He is always afraid when they are afraid. He is always the ‘infiltrating element’ in demonstrations, even if he never left his house that day.”

    Another point that I would like to make is the number of people that own not just one but 2, 3 or 4+ properties. Either here or abroad for holiday homes (including our own MP for example) or for income from rentals. Some for their retirement when more than likely they already have a pension available to them from an employment pension and/or or own share portfolios. How many in the Government who implement the policies own more than one residence? Perhaps research should be done on this. Is there really any need for MPs to have a residence in London, unless it is their main one, given Zoom. This is a sad state of affairs all said and done when the amount of homelessness is considered, the amount of families living in desperate circumstances and that there is no properly fully integrated policy looking at all these factors. As an result the UK’s practice is piece meal with more and more land being grabbed for profit by the developers. More of our Green Spaces going, with wildlife and whole ecosystems destroyed. This is shameful in a country ‘supposedly’ caring enough to assist other countries on the basis of spreading democracy. Ha!!!! More like spreading multi home ownership. Ps. Who voted in the Government that made this change to the Planning Laws. Anybody?

  3. Clare Scoll’s comment from 2/3/2021 @3.36pm on the previous article about these new redevelopments. “I am as concerned as most people about the way our countryside is being concreted over, but it is simply factually incorrect to single out so-called ‘mass immigration’ as the cause: there are a whole host of other factors involved in our housing shortage. The number of empty properties is clearly one – and that includes the luxury end of the market where, thanks in large part to Boris Johnson as mayor of London, super-rich foreign investors were encouraged to buy up property in the UK and leave it standing empty. Add to that the number of second homes and holiday homes owned by those fortunate enough to be able to afford them. Our own MP has an entire estate in Wales!

    Then there are the number of ‘broken’ families, often resulting in two properties being lived in by a former couple and their children. And how many single or two person households occupy three, four or five bedroom properties? Housing policy does nothing to encourage developers to reserve ‘family’ homes for families with children or to encourage existing householders to downsize. Fancy new-build estates on our precious greenbelt land often satisfy greed rather than real need, while those at the bottom of the pile are left in cramped rented accommodation.

    I have been an immigrant myself, having lived in four other European countries, and know from my own experience that often ‘immigrants’ means students living in bedsits or casual workers living in caravans or lodging in an employer’s house. As far as I am concerned, if foreigners are prepared to come here and nurse our sick, care for our elderly, pick our fruit and veg or pay our extortionate university fees, then they deserve a roof over their heads.

    It amazes me how many Brits think they can blame foreigners for daring to come here and supposedly cause a housing crisis, while the same people happily travel themselves without considering the impact the tourism industry has on housing both here and abroad. In some European cities, locals have been priced out by the tourists.

    And as far as population growth is concerned, let’s not forget that people are living longer and British people have babies too!

    If we really want to address the housing situation, we need to tackle the problem of empty properties and match supply with actual need. Perhaps LDC could take these suggestions on board before our countryside disappears forever.”

  4. Why does Lichfield’s MP keep hiding from this issue? In 2008 he was campaigning against the Labour Government’s search for an eco-town – in our case at Curborough – but now that it is his own Government’s planning laws that make it very difficult for local representatives to oppose such plans, he is quiet.

    Remember how you did not hear from him when his own Secretary of State overruled Lichfield District Council and the Independent Planning Inspector to allow 750 (to start with anyway) properties at Watery Lane in Curborough?

  5. “Encircled” is a good description. Circles grow exponentially. An eight centimetre circle has more than four times the area of a four centimetre circle. Likewise with squares. If a ten centimetre square has a one centimetre border the border is more than half the area of the square. Anything added to the edges makes a vast difference. It wouldn’t take much to double the size of Lichfield, and double that new double again in a relatively short time.
    The problem is that the council and companies like Tesco seen to have lost their moral compass. You cannot challenge them. They are deaf and uncaring. I don’t think I would like to be like them. Fate has a way of returning the complement.

  6. There is, apparently, a continuing demand for more housing, but of course all these new citizens also require Health Care.

    It would seem that Lichfield has not utilized any Section 106 agreements to require housing developers to contribute to the building of new health centres. More and more new houses have been built over the years, but no new Health Centres since the one on Eastern Avenue, which I think opened in the early 1990s.

    We see everywhere signage “Save NHS”, but the surging population numbers in Lichfield make this difficult.

    What about a moratorium on any more housing until a new Health Centre has been built to service the growing population?

  7. We need more housing in Lichfield because luxury housing in London is standing empty, gotcha.
    There’s nothing ‘so called’ about mass immigration, it’s a fact and the statistics clearly back this up but you choose to write this off because it doesn’t fit your narrative.
    You spout left wing talking points and offer a nonsense solution (seizing property) to a real problem, you are the embodiment of why the labour party is dead.

  8. @Karl Marx: don’t know where you got the idea of seizing property from, certainly not from me. Tackling the issue of bringing empty properties back into use is hardly a radical idea. But maybe you prefer to see properties standing empty while we destroy countryside to build more housing estates.
    Not Karl Marx the well-known property developer are you, by any chance?

  9. Karl Marx:
    Sunak has announced a fast track immigration system in the budget today, designed to help fin tech companies to fast track professionals from abroad. This is because post brexit we don’t have the home grown skill sets needed here to stimulate economic growth.
    There will be more immigration, just not from eu countries.
    Presumably you wouldn’t want these highly qualified, professional ‘foreigners’ settling in Lichfield with their higher earning potential and higher tax contributions to the economy that maybe you give…though of course I don’t know that.
    But really, what’s your actual point? It’s not a left wing view, it’s called reality.

  10. I am astounded and horrified at the plans for more housing in Fradley. We are currently surrounded by houses being built. The constant noise, rumbling of lorries past my house and layer of sand and dust over our cars and windows is a nuisance. I cannot see that we need more housing to improve our infrastructure. The new plans will take over all our surrounding country lanes where we as senior citizens enjoy our walks and was the reason we retired to Fradley. We can not afford to move house again and your new houses if like the others are not affordable. That is a joke!

  11. It is unforgivable for LDC to approve yet more building on first class green belt , i.e Cricket Lane. At s time when we are being constantly encouraged to help nature they in their cold hearted, blind sighted and avaricious way are intent on doing the opposite. Greed,greed and more greed.This had killed my long- term Tory support stone dead. LDC will go down in local history as the worst council of all time!!

  12. Where are the CPRE? They should be involved in all this grabbing of green belt all round this once beautiful city.

  13. Lichfield surely has had enough of vast housing estates-it is being turned into a very ugly place What about our valuable countryside -everywhere you go it is being concreted over.Our wildlife is having all their habitats destroyed.It makes me angry to see what is happening.Don’t get me started on HS2 & the destruction that is causing.We all know more housing is needed but enough is enough

  14. @Karl Marx, I’m not a member of a political party. I became disillusioned with politics in 1995 for a particular reason but more so after the illegal Iraq war when illegal weapons were used by the UK and USA and when serving soldiers were sent to fight without even having the right gear but never mind what does that matter they are expendable aren’t they. Easy to sit behind your ideology when it’s not you out there fighting an illegal war without even the proper equipment. Aren’t you a star.

  15. Rising Demand is a fact of life specially HS2 station is comming to greater lichfield by 2026/28 and commuting to London if a new fact of live. Adapt before it is too late to be able to afford any of current exciting properties in Lichfield. Live or die issue

  16. Too late, fools. Vote Tory, get shafted. You have had the chance to turn the tide, but the media chanting ‘immigration’ guaranteed Brexit and opened the door to the tide of disorder that then welcomed the most openly corrupt government in the last century, who blew the doors of to let their donors and chums either buy or sell the country off. Too late, alas, by far.

  17. Megan the first sentence you quoted of the the Palestinian poet says a lot.
    “The stranger … does not care for the details that concern the people of the country he finds himself in or for their ‘domestic’ policy.

  18. “Concrete Eadie” and his cronies will not be happy until they have turned Lichfield into a sprawling metropolis but without the necessary infrastructure.
    @Megan your opening line in the second paragraph is most apt for him “The stranger … does not care for the details that concern the people of the country he finds himself in or for their ‘domestic’ policy.
    The time will come when Lichfield will no longer be a desirable place to live and it will price those born and/or raised here out of the area. Affordable housing? Don’t make me laugh!

  19. Anonymous
    I suspect the house you retired to in Fradley was built on what was once a green field, and the locals objected about the house(s) being built and that their windows were covered in dust at that time and were ignored, as you are being ignored now, otherwise you wouldn’t be living there.

    I personally have no objection to houses being built as long as there is adequate infrastructure in place to support such develelopment, we need to see to it that
    there are more localised Health Centres, another School or two? Better public transport, you try getting to Burntwood after 8pm in the middle of the week. What about a cinema, there are plenty of pubs and coffee shops in Lichfield but I don’t enjoy going to Tamworth or Sutton (if the Odeon is still open) to watch a film but sadly, I suspect, the housing developments will go ahead without a thought to the needs of the people already living in and around Lichfield and the people buying the houses

  20. Houses need to get built, understandable, but the associated commercial, social and industrial infrastructure doesn’t appear to be keeping pace. If anything, we’re losing commercial at an alarming rate.

    Surely the council has more vision than more houses = more council tax?

    Also, @Megan – our MP owns a whole housing estate in Wales? Do tell!

  21. So HS2, the massive amount of land needed for the infrastructure to build the pointless thing ,guess what happens to that once arable land destroyed by heavy plant and anyway if Lichfield needs more housing just ask HS2 they’ve bought loads

  22. Historically towns and cities expanded in response to industrial or commercial demand. Some were dramatic, like Birmingham and Manchester during the Industrial Revolution.
    I have an O. S. of Lichfield from 1921; just one hundred years ago. Previous maps show that the city had little changed over many centuries before . Perhaps things have changed along with transport and places to live outside of the giant conurbations have now become commuter desirable . They do not need intrinsic employment, just ambiance. This corresponds with the rail and car transport. Since 1921 Lichfield has expanded in an unprecedented way. It continues to do so. Weather this model is sustainable is difficult to know. For one thing the host cities become less desirable as they expand and the employment situations and transport change. Much else regarding infrastructure and amenities are also relevant. In the short term though it is ‘fill your boots’ time for builders.

  23. Boley Park, the houses built of the Walsall Road estate, Fradley and Streethay – all built in the last 30 years. All of them on greenbelt. All the houses on these developments are occupied with very few on the market for sale. Look at the local housing market – all houses for sale sell very quickly in this area. They pretty much always have. They have pretty much always increased in value year on year. If you own a house in Lichfield it will do you well, but try being low income or young and it is impossible to buy a house in this area. We do need new houses but I just wish they’d put more thought into the projects. In 20 years those new estates will be cramped and dated and because the houses have been built so tightly packed together there will be no room to improve or develop the property. We need to build houses that can be extended as and when the people living in them need them to be. We need schools, decent shops, decent park land, decent health care as well. People before profit for once please.

  24. @Darryl: Michael Fabricant owns half of a 32 acre country estate in Wales (a friend owns the other half), so ‘estate’ as in a house with land attached rather than a housing estate. He describes this as a holiday home. He also owns a flat in London and rents a property near Lichfield Cathedral.

  25. Developers are trying to get as many homes built as they can before they have to change the design and layout to meet future needs.

    The country is moving towards electric cars. Many companies are saying from 2030, there will be no more petrol or diesel cars built.

    Every house will need access to at least one charging point.

    Most of the new estates in Lichfield, will find it virtually impossible to have personal access to a charging point. Even group access to a charging point seems impossible, as so many homes, have been put in such a small space.

  26. @Darryl the Lichfield MP isn’t a local. He has a home in Wales where apparently, so he was very keen to advise me, his mother was born. It was @Clare Scholl who said he has an estate. I don’t think she meant housing estate, I believe she meant an ‘estate’ as in large piece of land attached to the property. Not like us mere mortals expected to live in concrete jungles with no green spaces. But then who voted him in.

  27. Politics has changed so does loyalty to only one Party count anymore. Can one count on that one Party to commit to local issues or will the broader national or international ones be more important to them. Take Brexit for example. It crossed political borders for good or for bad dependent upon your outlook. Which is the most important, local or national and whose party political stall connects with the voters most if at all. There are so many different issues that affect voters which they identify with now which cross the Party Political ‘borders’. I for one have no idea who to vote for. Would a Labour MP have voted for or against this particular local issue about the encirclement of Lichfield. How would Labour councillors have voted, if it hadn’t been predestined, on the development of properties on the small piece of green land at Netherstowe. So does it depend upon the character/integrity of the MP and Councillors or their Party Political position. Who will fight your corner when push comes to shove. Take for example whilst I agree with the Lichfield MP on some issues, for example HS2 and the destruction of wonderful ancient forests with their wildlife and ecosystems, there is the exorbitant cost which we the public will be having to count the cost for years to come and add to that the cost of the EU bill how much was that now. And with most people working from home why the need travel to London or anywhere else in the country LOL. Only for a holiday? Is it already a white elephant. I agree with the Lichfield MP about the walking and cycling routes but I disagree with him and local councillors on the Netherstowe green space issue and the concrete jungles. What to do. What is the Lichfield MP’s position on that one, would a Labour MP’s position be any different. Or are they all innit together. When push comes to shove which of the issues is most important and important to whom. Who to vote for?

  28. I would like to know how many of the houses being built in Lichfield are Social housing. For rent. Many people still need these houses. But where are they?

  29. Ha ha ha he he he, more houses hope they don’t include the land maintenance scam that is currently trending.

  30. I know what it feels like to be an immigrant as Clare Scholls described. Following the Brexit referendum when I was living in France I soon came to realise that my EU membership was ending, my status had changed overnight and I was considered an immigrant just like any other immigrant. It wasn’t a good feeling and when I applied for a residence card I was made to sit in the Immigrants’ section. Upon returning to the UK I had almost the same experience having to prove my identity as British. Felt like a stranger in my home country so I guess I also know what the Palestinian poet meant. Never experienced anything like it in all of my years. I was born just after the war. But it gave me a good insight into what being a stranger is like in your home country. There again if I am to vote I will be looking at the big picture, the future of the planet and the future for the children who will be here when many of us have gone. Whichever Party candidate believes it important not only to tackle climate change and the environment but also campaigns to stop the “never ending wars” and all the futility and whatever else they entail. Focuses it’s energies instead upon changing the UK into a country that has vision, imagination, is creative, willing to develop technological skills, expertise and initiatives in order to create a greener more sustainable way of living. To create an environment for all living beings and creatures. On a planet which shows how wonderful it is to live here on mother earth. You only ever have one mother take care of her.

  31. @Cameron. It’s a good one.

    Then again, taking a few bricks, a few breeze blocks and loads of plasterboard. Creating a tiny box and selling it for £500k is a trick, that’s hard to beat.

  32. @Megan: I feel fortunate to have been generally made to feel very welcome each time I have lived abroad. I would like to think people are made to feel equally welcome when they come to live in our community, wherever they have come from.

  33. Megan, Clare Sholl.
    Meaning : a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.
    That’s all it means. Nothing derogatory.
    Its how they arrive here and intigrate that’s an issue.

  34. @Roy Appleby exactly so. @Clare Scholl I too was always made to feel welcome in other countries. It was the difference of status after Brexit whereas previously there had been no barrier.

  35. It is the lack of much needed infrastructure in the overall development that is problematic. It is also the encroachment upon the green field sites at a time when arable farming is being encouraged. Will it continue to encroach? Hopefully this part of the UK will not become one massive housing estate. On a more positive note I moved into a new build 2 years ago built on a brown field site. The property is eco and environmentally friendly, light and airy, warm and cosy, wonderfully low maintenance. Best of all there is less housework which means using more of my energy doing things I really enjoy. The garden is small could be bigger but I grow my own organic vegetables in pots and containers and a raised bed. I compost my kitchen and garden waste. I’d rather this compact economically and environmentally sound house than a larger older energy hungry property with costly ongoing home and garden maintenance. I am more imaginative with space, less clutter for example. I have much lower bills because of using less energy. I really like it. It’s just a pity that with private rentals and house prices here in the UK being so high that these properties will continue to be beyond the reach of so many who need a roof over their heads.

  36. Roy, I’d imagine many Spaniards feel the same about the Costas being full of fish and chips, British pubs and stag parties.

  37. @Roy Appleby: I don’t have an issue with how immigrants arrive here and integrate. I take it you do. Why?

    Immigrants make a net contribution to our economy. Often they do jobs that locals don’t want, such as farm work, or fill a skills gap. In a country like the UK with an aging population, immigration can provide a boost to the working age population and has many benefits.

    And, for the record, statistics on immigration include people who come here with no intention of staying permanently, such as students and casual workers.

    The scare stories in the press about mass immigration are just that: scare stories.

  38. @Clare Scoll, Re your reply to @Darryl on 4th March have to say I am very impressed with your knowledge. Nice one.

  39. @Roy Appleby, love this one from @Rupert Rigsby “Roy, I’d imagine many Spaniards feel the same about the Costas being full of fish and chips, British pubs and stag parties”.

  40. No worries, Megan.
    Our MP is quite free and easy about providing information about his wealth and property in articles online. He is equally blatant in parading his lack of morals and offensive views on Twitter. Voters don’t have to look too far to see for themselves what kind of person they are getting when they vote Fabricant.
    It’ll be interesting to see how he defends the government’s decision to insult our NHS workers with a stingy pay award after all their hard work and slash foreign aid, condemning vulnerable children to die, while at the same time Boris has his podgy little fingers in the sweetie jar helping himself to tax payers’ money to do up No 10.
    Explain that one, Mr Fabricant.

  41. A couple of people have mentioned HS2. Make sure you have a walk down Darnford Lane and admire the beautiful mature Oak trees around the brow of the hill because they are being removed soon (next week, I think).

  42. @Clare Sholl, I have a great deal of respect for your honesty and integrity and in depth knowledge of said incumbent, Mr Fabricant. Pity you aren’t a candidate. I agree with everything you have written and was going to comment myself about the Government’s priorities. Refurbishing no 9 Downing Street, and now wanting to modernise Boris and Carrie’s flat when the majority in the country are having to push back and do without. And Rishi who isn’t Dishi to me, his budget is designed to cause even more division in the country. This Government is all about keeping those few wealthy families and individuals in power. Those with 2, 3, 4 properties or more. Wake up people! Btw. Have had to find another route into Lichfield Live, the previous route was bugged. Trying to silence me I guess

  43. Why are certain individuals repeating what has already been written do they think we have missed the comments. These people are needy, craving a reply. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re on many social media sites. Perish the thought.

  44. What If, just for argument’s sake Wales, Scotland and Cornwall got their Independence. And Catalonia, think Palestine. Where would Mr Fabricant’s heart and soul lie. With his Welsh heritage? Would he choose to go live on his Welsh estate. Or would he choose England. What link has he to Staffordshire for example. Of course if his views against HS2 were just a distraction ( the same as his comment about the Shenstone Co. producing drone parts helping to kill children so far away it doesn’t matter does it), so as to have some of us agree with him, he will be one of those mostly benefiting from the high speed rail. Just as other Tory MP’s with constituencies up north and homes in the Capitol. If he chose to go live permanently in Wales at any time a train from his home there almost direct to his London flat. The same if he chose to retire permanently to his mother’s birth country, do prayers get answers I ask myself. Which heritage is most important to him when push comes to shove. What is his interest in Lichfield really. Where does his heart and soul really lie. If I am to vote, I shall vote for a candidate with some amount of integrity and accountability. One whose interests are not for a fast means of getting from Wales to London. Or from the North to the South. Why travel unless for personal reasons anyway? when we have Zoom in our homes and our lives.

  45. @Roy Appleby to clarify Re your last comment,

    “Megan, Clare Sholl.
    Meaning : a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.
    That’s all it means. Nothing derogatory.
    Its how they arrive here and intigrate that’s an issue.”

    I thought your comment pertained to the Lichfield MP. Given how he insulted a young woman did he ever apologise to her I wonder? The derogatory nature of his response to her from a person in a position of power as the Member of Parliament for this constituency, is this what you mean by ‘integrate’? Well as a woman Mr Fabricant does not represent me Nb. Now I really do understand why a certain Mr B R Bryant, supposedly an artist, an American citizen, found his way onto my FB page in 2013 . As will a a certain MP, representing a constituency in Wales.

  46. @Adam..thanks for that info. I definitely will go have a look at that beautiful tree. Remember Boris said he’s no tree hugger, did that mean he doesn’t care about trees? How long has that oak been there? Does anybody know. I shall go take some pics. Wanton destruction and those in power quick enough to talk about vandals and vandalism when it is in their interests.

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