The headteacher of a Lichfield school says he is “full of confidence” in the ability of his team to meet the challenge of carrying out coronavirus tests from next week.

Nether Stowe School has created a multi-bay testing facility in its dance studio in recent weeks ahead of all pupils returning.

Some of the testing bays at Nether Stowe School

Students and staff will need to be regularly tested as part of steps to return to normal education.

Headteacher Glyn Langston-Jones said:

“I am full of confidence as we face the challenges ahead, thanks to weeks of hard work and preparation by the team at Nether Stowe.”

“We knew that providing testing for students would be a significant challenge but we were also determined that it should not be something that unnecessarily disrupts their return to education.

“So, we set about creating the testing facility in our dance studio, which will have capacity to test around 60 students every hour, with all the necessary social distancing.

“The construction of the testing area was the result of amazing work by the site team here at Nether Stowe.

“It was a huge team effort to get it ready for next week.”

Glyn Langston-Jones, Nether Stowe School

The school has also created videos demonstrating how the lateral flow process will work for students.

Mr Langston-Jones added:

“Our staff have been trained in the testing roles as well, as we felt it was really important for pupils to see a familiar face in an unfamiliar process.

“The videos are there so students will know what to expect, and so they can see that the tests are very simple to carry out.

“One video literally walks you through the testing area, while the other one shows you what you do to test yourself – such as registering your details, sanitising your hands, and then actually doing the test itself.

“I’d recommend all students, staff and parents watch the videos, as they can help answer any questions they may have.”

Glyn Langston-Jones, Nether Stowe School