Matthew Boulton
Matthew Boulton

The work of Matthew Boulton on innovative minting practices is to be discussed in the latest in a lecture series hosted by a Lichfield museum.

Erasmus Darwin House’s Lunar Lecture on 28th March will be led by Dr Sue Tungate.

Matthew Boulton and the Soho Mint: Copper to Customer will take place online from 4pm.

A spokesperson said:

“Matthew Boulton was a globally important industrialist who introduced innovative minting practices at his Soho Mint.

“This lecture describes the processes involved, from mining the copper to the delivery of products to the customer.

“There was a shortage of small change towards the end of the 18th Century, and Boulton strove to solve this problem, eventually obtaining customers all over Britain, including the Government.

“He also made coins for the East India Company, and for Europe, Africa, the West Indies and America.

“Boulton’s role in the copper industry, and how he obtained his raw materials, his expertise in steel making for dies, and the technology of his new steam-powered mint will be discussed.”

Erasmus Darwin House spokesperson

Tickets for the lecture are £6 and can be booked at