A new report has revealed the number of vehicle thefts in Lichfield and Burntwood are among the highest in Staffordshire.

The figures for the 12 months to November 2020 were revealed in a report due to be discussed by an overview and scrutiny committee meeting at Lichfield District Council next week.

It showed that the number of thefts of vehicles per 1,000 people was an average of 2.1 – the second highest figure in the Staffordshire Police area.

The county-wide rate is 1.6 per 1,000 people.

“Communities in higher-value suburban areas with detached homes and lower-levels of overall housing density are in at risk groups.

“Analysis across the force-area suggests that households in the most affluent parts of affected areas have been disproportionately affected by car key burglaries.

“Rates of motor vehicle thefts per 1,000 population in Lichfield are the second highest in the force-area.

“These offences have typically been focused in the south-east of the area, with Tamworth and Lichfield particularly affected.”

Community Safety Strategic Assessment

The breakdown reveals that Shenstone and Chasetown are the two highest areas in Lichfield district with rates of 15.1 and 13.4 respectively.

The report added that Shenstone’s vehicle theft figures are almost double the average for England and Wales.

“Offences appear to be particularly targeted and have affected areas and communities which typically do not experience high levels of overall crime.

“The wards in the force-area with some of the highest proportions of burglaries resulting in a vehicle theft are also often wards with some of the lowest rates of crime overall.”

Community Safety Strategic Assessment

“Approaches to vehicle theft have changed”

The report said the way vehicles were being taken was changing, with criminals finding new ways to beat security measures.

“As anti-theft technology in vehicles has improved, approaches to vehicle theft have changed.

“With many modern vehicles unable to be driven without their keys, criminals are increasingly using burglary to facilitate vehicle theft – entering properties purely to steal vehicle keys and key fobs and then driving the stolen vehicle away from the scene.

“There additionally remains challenge relating to the use of electronic devices to facilitate theft of vehicles which use ‘keyless’ technology without the criminal needing to access the key fob itself.

“So-called ‘relay attacks’ can be committed without an individual needing to physically access the keys, using a device to pick up the key fobs signal from indoors, and ‘relay’ this to the vehicle outdoors.

“Regionally, it is considered that this approach to vehicle theft has contributed significantly to the rise in vehicle thefts across the West Midlands region.”

Community Safety Strategic Assessment

The report will be discussed at a meeting on 10th March.

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  1. No surprise here really. Fewer Police to prevent & deal with crime + nice affluent area with shiny motors on people’s drives = perfect storm of vehicle theft.

  2. That’s because you have a Crime Commissioner on a overinflated salary that closed down your Police stations in Lichfield and Burntwood, reduced your bobby on the beat to virtually zero and folk will still go out and vote for the same bloke? (laughs out loud)

  3. Back in 2000 burglars entered a house in Shenstone, stole the car keys and drove off with the car. Nothing new in heaven and earth I read somewhere. These burglaries always happen at night. Get cameras fitted to properties. Shenstone’s position near the motorways,M6, M6 toll, M42 makes it easy and convenient for burglars needing a quick getaway. Surely there are cameras on routes on and around the main roads out of the village? If not ask your councillors, MP to get them installed. Same goes for Lichfield. It’s the easy access motorways but then the motorways have cameras. I’m sure there must be cameras on other roads even shops and stores too. Why aren’t the police like the ones in the TV crime drama series?

  4. Echoing what someone else has said – no surprise. The police in Lichfield are non existent. Sure, you’ll find them aimlessly driving around looking for covidiots right now but that’s all. They just hide away in their fancy new building and do as little as possible. Crime in Lichfield is just going to increase unfortunately and there’s nothing that will ever be done about it.

  5. It makes no difference how close to motorways you are ,if there are no police to chase them. And this 30 p a week rise to disable people and 1% pay rise for the N.HS. Is a disgrace no wonder his father wants to move to france.

  6. Let’s get one thing straight, these scrotes don’t care about your car/property so why should we care about them. Protect your property as you seem fit, so if they receive a fatal shock or injury it’s their fault.

  7. Appreciate many garages cannot take modern car sizes, but just walked past 1 house with 3 X [approx] £50K almost new vehicles on drive with 1 half on pavement. Easy pickings. Also insurers are tightening up on “declared use of garage”, friends claim went to court following his car theft off drive & he lost case & had to pay all costs, only got 66% of agreed fair theft claim! The insurers sent agent to check what space was in garage! Apparently insurers can do this – news to me!

  8. @Leslie Talley, Well at least it’s not daylight robbery not like the antics of some in the higher echelons of power. Smoke and mirrors, what’s that term, snake oil salesmen, is it? Who voted them in Hahaha

  9. @Flossy. Insurance companies have always been able to investigate claims if they suspect they haven’t been told the truth particularly in relation to high-end claims.

  10. Lichvegas, you have a valid point, during periods of prosperity crime does increase, simply because there is more money about..

  11. I for one will now resort to paying out of my own pocket to further protect my home – installing cctv, automatic lights, an alarm system, snap proof door locks and get a pet dog to bark loudly if disturbed. I will also keep my car keys in a locked ‘Faraday’ cage and use a steering wheel immobiliser. The thought of having violent scum bags enter my home at night when I’m at my most vulnerable with my children asleep upstairs absolutely disgusts me. Sadly I am doing all these rather draconian steps as I do not trust the local police ability to catch anyone or even make a half arsed attempt to prevent these crimes occurring. It seems UK policy these days is that those who can afford to should pay more to look after themselves and those that cant afford it well that is just their own hard luck. I don’t like the way our world is heading.

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