A Burntwood business has confirmed an expansion following the acquisition of part of another company.

Mercian Labels has reached the agreement to take on elements of Computype Europe Ltd.

Adrian Steele, managing director of Mercian Labels, said the move was part of a strategic plan to expand through acquisition.

 “We are constantly looking of ways to expand in our areas of competence as well as geographically.

“The areas involved require critical specialist constructions of adhesives, inks and substrates, and over our 50 years of growth we have a developed a high level of technical expertise in them.

“Computype have nurtured their relationships in these areas over a number of years, and this deal represents a careful handover of valued customers to a trusted manufacturer as they look to strategically focus in fewer core markets.

“We have recently invested in state-of-the-art equipment to expand our world class capabilities in high volumes of variable data and are pioneering development in intelligent industrial automation.

“We have a lot to offer customers like these.”

Adrian Steele, Mercian Labels

Sarah Richardson, Computype’s chief commercial officer, added:

“A recent strategic review of our business in Europe highlighted the need for us to refocus around our core markets, where we can really help our customers, innovate with new products and drive differentiation. 

“For the remaining, non-core product lines, we were excited to find a great partner in Mercian Labels, who has the capability and focus to service these customers moving forward. 

“It was vital that we achieved a seamless transition and with the right people – we believe Mercian Labels will achieve the best possible outcome for all concerned.”

Sarah Richardson, Computype Europe Ltd

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