County council health chiefs have told people in Lichfield and Burntwood they can’t “mess this up” as coronavirus restrictions begin to be eased.

Schools will begin the process of returning all pupils to the classroom from Monday (8th March), while care home residents will be allowed one regular visitor.

Meeting up socially outdoors with one other person will also be permitted.

But Cllr Johnny McMahon, cabinet member for health, care and wellbeing at Staffordshire County Council, said it was important people do not try to push the boundaries of the new guidelines.

“With schools returning on Monday alongside other freedoms being introduced it is up to all of us to show good judgement, understand the risk to health is still significant and ultimately do the right thing and not mess this up.

“I am confident that Staffordshire people realise the precarious nature of the situation we are in and will do the right thing. 

“We all need to follow the letter and the spirit of all the new rules that come into place, as this is what will lead us out of lockdown.”

Cllr Johnny McMahon, Staffordshire County Council

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  1. The Government have already messed it up by allowing schools back.
    It’s too early, they should have waited for the vaccine process to be completed.

  2. Given the appalling death rate in this country I for one will not be “obeying” the diktats of our local incompetents. I challenge these useless articles to ask me why.

  3. The lockdown rules are a disgrace, the government continues to use statutory instruments to bring them into force, at the start of the pandemic it was understandable, a year in, it is unforgivable.

    Local MPs like Fabricant and Pincher simply nod and do nothing.

    To say lockdown is coming to an end is distortion of the truth, you cannot meet with anyone till the 28th March and then it is only 6 people and that restriction isn’t lifted till the 17th May. Scientists continue to say that outdoor transmission risk is minimal, so why is the government continuing to trample on our freedom?

    MPs need to do their jobs and challenge the government on this, it is unacceptable that our elected representatives are kept out of the decision making process, government without representation is called something… dictatorship.

  4. You only have to visit supermarkets which I do rarely, I did yesterday, to see that some people are already forgetting or choosing to ignore social distancing. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t come out of full restrictions in June or we will and it will be followed by another lockdown in spite of what Mr Johnson is saying about this being the last lockdown.

  5. The death rate is not appalling if you care to research official figures more people died in 18 and 19 than 20 as for schools there is little risk to kids and vulnerable adults have virtually all had the Jan the whole thing has become an excuse for idleness and needs to be brought to an end asap

  6. @Ian – I am not a betting woman, but if I were I’d put a wedge on you being retired and at least partially vaccinated. Easy to say schools are safe if you don’t have to send your kids in or teach in one. Easy to call other people idle from behind your keyboard, all safe and warm at home. Perhaps you’ll come back and tell me I’m wrong, and that’s ok – I’d rather be wrong about you than be in the position of trying to minimise an illness that’s killed 124,419 of my fellow Britons in a year.

    By the way, idleness is rather underrated. I haven’t noticed any people starting wars, polluting the planet with vehicle and aircraft emissions, committing crimes or getting in anyone’s way whilst they are idling at home.

  7. I’m stunned at Denise’s comment about the schools.

    Children haven’t been in full-time education since the 18th December. Their mental health, well-being and education has been thrown to the wolves, yet you’d see them off until July?

    We’ll never know the true cause of the spread of the virus, but I feel very strongly that schools were not the vector, looking at the rates and children’s attendance at school time.

    Johnson simply caved to the unions.

  8. @Darryl,….. “MPs need to do their jobs and challenge the government on this, it is unacceptable that our elected representatives are kept out of the decision making process, government without representation is called something… dictatorship.”. Agreed! Why have MPs in the constituencies if they have no power and those making the decisions are unelected. How do we know what views they have. Where is the MP’s backbone for goodness sake?

  9. I think teachers and people working in schools should have had the jab. The older staff would already be done. How long would it take one vaccinator to go into a primary school and do the younger staff??? These young teachers are going in and have been since the very first Lockdown. They deserve some respect surely.

  10. Ian’s statement that ‘vulnerable adults have virtually all had the Ja[b]’ (I assume ‘jab’ was intended here) is misleading. Writing as one of those vulnerable adults, I have only had my _first_ jab. While studies show that this offers a welcome measure of protection, many of us won’t be receiving the second jab offering us more complete protection for some weeks yet; in my case the end of April or very beginning of May. Meanwhile, those of us shielding because we’re in the clinically extremely vulnerable category are under orders to continue shielding until the end of March. If it helps, I can assure him that between running an international professional society, writing papers for publication, and enjoying long solo bike rides through the Staffordshire countryside, I haven’t been idle.

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