An artist's impression of The Swim House
An artist’s impression of The Swim House

Plans for a new swimming facility in Lichfield have been approved.

An empty retail unit at Lichfield Retail Park, on Eastern Avenue, has been earmarked for The Swim House.

The scheme will feature a 25-metre four-lane pool, a dry training facility, physio access, flotation room and a cafe space.

A spokesperson for planning consultancy Holland Lloyd said:

An artist’s impression of The Swim House

“This will be the first of its kind nationwide. Providing top-class coaching for all levels of ability, helping with a baby’s first experience, to learning to swim and advancing elite athletes.

“The facility will provide 25 hours’ worth of primary school water time per week, benefiting residents of the district too.

“This proposal will be an excellent addition to the city and we are delighted to be involved.

“The proposal will deliver access to pool time for schools and clubs, while also helping elite athletes on their journey to gold.”

Holland Lloyd spokesperson

Thirteen new jobs are expected to be created as part of the project.

Full details are available on The Swim House website.

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  1. I’m sure that I read recently that Friary Grange facilities have just had a lot of money spent on upgrades.
    What will then happen to this if new facilities are developed on the same road?

  2. Well it’s not a “pool” per se Mrs Sherman, hopefully this miserable octogenarians will sod off and swim here rather than tutting at kids.

    I mean, if it stops the moronic situation of Friary Grange cordoning off a third of the pool so people can swim up and down, during peak hours, I’m all for it.

  3. Have I got this right?
    A private company with no ties to LDC wishes to open a private business to enable paying customers to go swimming? This private company will be allowed to charge whatever they like and people will decide for themselves if they choose to use the facility?
    This private company, with no links to LDC, has chosen to open this business a few miles from an existing public swimming pool and the site of a proposed new LDC public leisure centre and swimming pool to replace the existing LDC facility? Both the existing LDC site and proposed new facility have better swimming provision than this new private business?
    Has the world gone mad?
    Two swimming pools!
    One a public facility provided by LDC. The other a private business charging whatever it likes.
    Can a city the size of Lichfield sustain two pools?
    I guess we’ll find out once the new private business, with no ties to LDC, opens and LDC reopens the public pool when restrictions allow.
    So, remind me, what is all the fuss about again?

  4. I love swimming hehehe was there at the Friary Grange Swimming pool debate in the Garrick. The children speaking up were absolutely fabulous and I congratulate them on their ability to pull Councillor Pullen in the right direction. Bodes well for the future. hehehe

  5. Friary Grange was exceptional in that it catered particularly well for disabled people. Does this pool I wonder.

  6. Megan – the only thing I can say in response is this whole issue is the perfect example of the old saying of what two ducks swimming in circles sounds like.
    I’m sure you will agree.
    That sound of ducks swimming in circles could actually relate to pretty much anything to do with Lichfield at present and the responses it generates.
    I feel sorry for the ducks. Don’t you?

  7. @The Scribbler, couldn’t agree more about what is happening in Lichfield. So disappointing to see that the right hand doesn’t appear to know what the left hand is doing or doesn’t care so long as there is profit in it for some. Having been away from the area for some 13 years I can probably see what has happened to the area better than some. The losers in this arena are the local residents who are suffering the consequences of no overall comprehensive strategy other than money for consultants from outside of the area and for the developers out to line their own pockets. All I can say is Lichfield residents deserve better. Pull your socks up Lichfield LDC. Let us see how you merit your worth.

  8. @The Scribbler, Re 2 ducks, couldn’t agree more. Believe I’ve mentioned something similar on another occasion in a previous comment in regard to another Lichfield Live article but didn’t describe it in the same way as you. The same meaning nevertheless.

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