An MP has moved to reassure residents concerned about how HS2 will cut through the landscape in Lichfield.

An artist’s impression of HS2

Work is currently taking place in Streethay in preparation for the controversial high speed rail route.

But Michael Fabricant said he had been contacted by residents concerned about the visibility of the line when it is constructed.

Michael Fabricant

“I have received a number of queries from constituents asking whether the route of HS2 has been changed with it passing over the A38 on a viaduct which will be visible for miles.

“I think this confusion has arisen because of an interesting video doing the rounds, produced by HS2, showing a birds eye view of Staffordshire along the the line of the route.

“As it passes by Lichfield, you can clearly see it travelling over the A38 at a considerable height.

“I was sufficiently concerned that I raised the issue with Andrew Stephenson the Transport Minister and with Mark Thurston, the Chief Executive of HS2 Limited.

“Both have confirmed that the line will travel under the A38 immediately east of Streethay.”

Michael Fabricant MP

HS2’s chief executive said the alignment of the route had not changed since 2017.

“The railway will pass under the A38 immediately to the east of Streethay housing, at the point where the slip roads to and from Burton Road meet the dual carriageway.

“With regards to the works, the railway will go underneath the A38 in phases, with temporary traffic management on the A38 being altered appropriately as these works progress.

“Utility diversions are planned as part of these works.”

Mark Thurston, HS2

“Less visible from Lichfield and the surrounding area”

Mr Fabricant said the video had been based on previous plan for the route, which was changed following pressure on those in charge of the project.

Campaigners protesting against HS2 in Lichfield

“The first route for HS2 would have had it further west clipping Boley Park housing – I then managed to persuade HS2 to move it east away from Boley Park, but that then required an elevated viaduct for the railway.

“Following numerous complaints and a visit by the Parliamentary team to Lichfield examining the route, we managed to persuade the House of Commons Committee to change the law so that the railway would go under the A38 and be in cuttings less visible from Lichfield and the surrounding area.

“I am pleased that was achieved though I voted against HS2 in Parliament.

“It turns out that the video currently in circulation was produced before these changes were enacted.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. Is the MP claiming this as another victory of his tireless campaigning?
    HS2 will continue to do what it likes. The MP’s colleagues in Government have far too much invested in HS2 as a cornerstone of its grand construction/infrastructure plans to even bother listening to what he says. This has always been the case. At least our MP now knows what we feel like when we try and engage with him – pointless shouting into the void with little help of a meaningful response.
    Well done Mr Fabricant, keep up the good work (sic).

  2. Absolutely correct. HS2 will continue to do exactly as it chooses. Here in Water Orton they intend to add a massive substation to power the tunnelling machine and then the train itself. It will be on a green site directly opposite to people’s homes. It certainly did not feature on any of the plans shown to us in those hugely expensive road-shows.

  3. Lichfield is fast becoming a conglomeration of highways and all that accompanies them. Plus HS2 and all that entails. Doesn’t bear thinking about. What is our our MP doing about it? Is he powerless in his own Party. It’s a wonder Lichfield citizens aren’t all suffering with CFS. I am fast coming to believe this is the reason I suffered CFS (ME) not long after moving into the area 2000. Perhaps I should follow this up. It might be to my advantage.

  4. Are we reassured? Strangely enough, no. What we would like to hear is that it has been cancelled, to provide the extra money needed to give NHS staff a decent pay rise after all they have done for us. But private companies run the country now, aided and abetted by feckless politicians. I’m surprised they haven’t privatised parliament by now, but then perhaps they are doing it by stealth with so many MPs having private interests on the side, or setting themselves for this. What is happening to this country, folks?

  5. Why has HS2 ripped out trees and hedges for where the line will go underground then? How can the line be above ground at Huddlesford then suddenly go underground in a few hundred metres?

    It can’t be over the road at Huddlesford, get under the West Coast Main Line, then get under the A38. It would be like a roller coaster.

  6. Why have they chopped all the trees down alongside the A38 in Streethay if the railway will go underground through a tunnel ? All this destruction of mature trees along the whole length of the railway line NOW and personally I can’t see it EVER being built ? Wel run out of funds !!!! SAD for future folks

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