Council chiefs are remaining tight-lipped on the future of controversial proposals to build homes on two green spaces in Lichfield.

The land at Netherstowe earmarked for housing

An application for the sites at Leyfields and Netherstowe were due be debated at a planning committee meeting last month, only for the issue to be deferred at the 11th hour.

The proposals also failed to reappear on the agenda at the latest session of the local authority’s planning group earlier this week.

No timeframe has yet been given on when a decision will be made – or details of what the issue was that has led to the delay.

A spokesperson for Lichfield District Council said:

“We are unable to comment on the planning application at this stage due to on-going discussions.”

Lichfield District Council spokesperson
The land at Leyfields

The proposals have been the subject of a campaign which saw more than 1,000 residents signing a petition objecting to the schemes.

It comes after it emerged an agreement to sell the land to housing provider Bromford had been agreed without the knowledge of the council’s leadership team.

The local authority has confirmed that a review of how the deal came to be signed off in such circumstances has now begun.

“An independent investigation into issues with the sale of the land has been launched with a progress report expected to be presented to the audit and member standards committee in April.”

Lichfield District Council spokesperson

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  1. What has happened to the Council Leaders pledge to be open and transparent,
    Come on Councillor Pullen, open up and show us you mean what you declare, and tell us what is going on, do not keep it behind closed doors

  2. Hopefully the more tight lipped they are they will not be able to vote yes to the stupid, irrational, idea of building on a small piece of land that means so much to the residents. Building it up is the same as closing the community down. I watch the children, the younger ones with their parents enjoying the tiny park opposite my home. It is such a wonderful sight watching them let off steam. A patch of green in amongst a housing estate. Everyone benefits.

  3. Councillors have regarded Public Open Spaces as ‘Council-owned’ land. So they felt free to sell the sites to top up the coffers, and included income expected from the sale in their budgetary plans. It might have been better if they’d regarded themselves not as ‘owners’ but as mere ‘trustees’, responsible for looking after Public Open Spaces for Citizens of today and Citizens of the future.

  4. B.E…….. You are of the same mind as me. We live in an historical and cultural city. We inherited it from others who cherished it and looked after it. It had many benefactors. Surely this gives us a responsibility to preserve the ethos that comes with that.
    This does not mean that the city cannot evolve. Places like Bath, Chester, Cheltenham and many, many places of important heritage do this successfully. Controlled development with commensurate infrastructure and amenities would make this possible.
    I honestly do not understand what is happening to OUR city, on OUR watch. Exponential growth without infrastructure. One wonders what incentives have led to this. Our generation has let this city down. We have let faceless administrations (this includes the backroom boys!) make capitalistic decisions that has desecrated our environment. Shame on them. Shame on us for letting it happen.

  5. I totally agree with you Philip. We moved to Lichfield nine years ago because we thought it would be a lovely place in which to live. It was for a while but during the past few years have seen so many houses built (and I’m talking hundreds) that the whole ambience of the city has changed. Please stop building on every little patch of land before it’s too late.

  6. I live just up handels walk and i take my children to regularly play there, and we walk that way to school as its safer than being next to the road, it’s such a small space but so well loved and used by so many of the local residents and public, I really hope that the lichfield council realise this and make sure that it stays a safe open green space for all to use.

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