Onion allotment

The future provision of allotments in Burntwood is set to be debated by councillors.

Proposals to be discussed at Burntwood Town Council would see an assessment carried out to determine how many people would like to take up a plot if one were available.

It comes after a previous report revealed that occupancy was full on allotment sites at Coulter Lane and Norton Lane.

“It is proposed that the expression of interest would invite residents to put forward their name for allotment.

“They would be asked to confirm how far they were willing to travel, what facilities they would like on site and how much rent they were willing to pay.

“This information would enable the town council to begin to determine the most suitable location of a new allotment, its size and the range of facilities to be provided.

“It would also allow the thought to be given to the rent, considering both the amount that residents were willing to pay and the cost of providing a new site.”

Report to Burntwood Town Council meeting on 11th March

The proposals will be discussed at a meeting of Burntwood Town Council this evening (11th March).

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  1. There’s a long way to go as the Town Council does not own any land and whilst compulsory purchase is an option – if needed – it will require a lot of cash. Where an allotment could be sited is another issue as they are not the most attractive sites (to the non-user) and likely to attract objectors living nearby.

    Nevertheless Burntwood Town Council wants to find out what the interest might be and find ways of making it happen.

  2. It is an interesting proposition especially good for those wanting to grow their own vegetables. Gardening is very therapeutic and the exercise involved in stretching and bending is better than paying for a gym because I know. Keeping the burden on the NHS down. It keeps the person healthy and fit. Also means people can spend time outdoors. Great for children to learn about how the food they eat grows from a tiny seed. Fresh and full of nutrients not having come from a distance especially given the problems at the ports. Also means less carbon pollution in the atmosphere which they will also feel the benefit from Councillor Norman. Perhaps you should try it. Spoken to any allotment holders in Lichfield? Very friendly and personable to talk with and a lovely set up there. You might get a cup of tea if you pay a visit at the right time. Maybe a potato or leek too.

  3. We will do Megan – already in touch with the Lichfield and District Allotment Society and others further afield. On a personal note we are lucky enough to have our own “allotment” now, having moved recently, and starting the “no dig” project this week. We are aware of the benefits to personal health and, of course, the planet. Most excited about making our own compost now (sorry LDC – you lose £36 p.a.).

    I hope anyone in Burntwood Parish, seriously interested in wanting an allotment, will contact us so we can find out what the future demand might be – but the path to get there will be a little stony.

  4. @Phil hahaha I burst out laughing. Amazing what it takes to get to know someone after all these years. @Steve Norman respect! Good to hear. Making your own compost is so rewarding as well. Gardening is very rewarding in so many different ways, as you say you well know the benefits. I would encourage anyone in Burntwood interested in having an allotment to contact Councillor Norman as he suggested. You will never regret it.

  5. Good morning I would be interested in an allotment should the council push ahead with possible other land proposals for an allotment site.
    I love Gardening but having somewhere to grow your own vegetables would be another area to discover. So Steve whats the next move ?

  6. Email: info@burntwood-tc.gov.uk giving your name and address and saying why you are interested and what you would want on an allotment site and how far you would/could travel.
    Obviously, we could not provide a facility on everyone’s doorstep but it would be very helpful to us to know. Anything else you think would be helpful to us to get to this goal would be good too.

  7. @ Trevor, Speaking to allotment holders in Lichfield last year I was told allotments are very much in demand and there is quite a long waiting list. So yes I would advise you get your name on the list if I were you.

  8. Having said what I said about gyms I think all exercise is beneficial. I think gyms have their place too. I did go to the gym when they were open as well enjoying all the benefits of gardening. With an allotment there is the added benefit of an end product, lovely fresh vegetables to enjoy in tasty food on the table.

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