An “extraordinary year” has led to Burntwood Town Council spending £130,000 less than they had budgeted for, a report has revealed.

The Old Mining College Centre, home of Burntwood Town Council

A meeting of the authority tonight (11th March) will discuss the end of year budget statement.

It reveals that an underspend of £133,378 has been recorded for the 2020/21 financial year.

Factors including budgeting for a direct services manager role which was removed are among those blamed for the figures, along with the cancellation of the council’s community events programme.

The report said:

“This has been an extraordinary year that has posed may challenges for the management of the town council’s financial affairs.

“An unplanned underspend has resulted.

“In line with sound financial management recommendations have been provided regarding how this underspend could be earmarked for future use.”

Report to Burntwood Town Council

Other factors blamed on the underspend include a delay in the transfer of public toilets to the town council from Lichfield District Council.

The meeting of Burntwood Town Council will take place at 6pm.

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  1. Hoorah ! Any chance of addressing the dreadful road conditions in Burntwood then? Perhaps repairing the dropped drain and manhole covers and huge holes which now cover most of the Roads both major and minor???

  2. @CB That’s a County Council issue mate. You need to be addressing your requests to Staffordshire County Council. The Burntwood Town Council can’t get involved no matter how much they would like to.

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