Businesses in Lichfield and Burntwood are being urged to seek advice and support as they prepare to reopen after the coronavirus lockdown.

Social distancing signs. Picture: GoToVan from Vancouver, Canada / CC BY

Non-essential retailers will be able to reopen from 12th April as part of the Government’s roadmap out of restrictions.

Lichfield District Council is asking businesses to ensure they have Covid-secure arrangements in place for staff and customers.

The local authority is also reissuing the #LoveLocal resources pack, which includes social distancing markers and a shop window vinyl.

Cllr Liz Little, cabinet member responsible for economic development, said:

“With the continued fall in coronavirus rates, and as more of us receive the Covid-19 vaccine, it means we are on track to being able to reopen non-essential retail, outdoor hospitality and personal care premises from 12th April.

“We are all looking forward to seeing our high streets come alive again, and we’re reaching out to businesses now to make sure they are ready.

“If you are a local business and you need our help or advice, please do get in touch with us.”

Cllr Liz Little, Lichfield District Council

The local authority is also urging hospitality businesses to take advantage of changes in legislation to apply for pavement licensing to allow food and drink to be served outside.

Venues can apply at

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  1. Well done to the council and to the leadership of Lichfield and District for taking a proactive approach to helping our local businesses. I have first hand experience of the difficulties local firms have experienced over the last 12 months and I also know that Cllr Doug Pullen has been instrumental in making sure the advice and practical support is available. His leadership throughout this pandemic has been excellent and a lesson to other more high-profile political figures. It makes me very proud that LDC and the Conservative leadership has been outstanding in the way it has looked to provide as much help and support as it can. That leadership will be just as important as our great district and great country moves forward towards recovery.

  2. Rupert Soames, Sir Winston Churchill’s grandson, the boss of the Caledonian Sleeper train service has admitted travelling hundreds of miles to visit his holiday home in Scotland.

    Initially Serco chief executive Rupert Soames had denied ignoring lockdown rules when he travelled from London to Inverness for a ­business trip.

    It should not be happening. Clearly, he has not been listening and he seems oblivious to the guidance. Does he think because he is a senior person in business it is okay for him to travel?”

    Questions have been asked about why ­meetings could not be held online.

    A multi-millionaire aristocrat has enraged with his bid to turn 300 war refugees and their children out onto the streets, according to campaigners. Do we really need more homeless on the streets. What kind of society are we.

    Serco chief executive Rupert Soames has been slammed by a leading homelessness charity for his firm’s move.

    Furthermore Mr Soames, “received a £4.9m pay package in 2020, a year in which the outsourcing company attracted controversy over its role in the UK government’s troubled Covid-19 testing programme.

    His remuneration — down from £5.2m in 2019 — consisted of a base salary of £850,000, with the remainder made up of bonuses, long-term share incentives and pension, according to the company’s annual report. Angus Cockburn, finance director, received £2.4m, down from £2.8m in 2019.

    Serco is one of five companies running Covid-19 testing sites and also provides call handlers on the NHS’s contact tracing programme, both of which have been heavily criticised”. The Financial Times.

    I would ask Mr Soames, to explain how much of the money he allegedly ‘earned’ during 2020 will be given over to charities given his Party expects members of the general public to use charities to upkeep the Government despite them having suffered 10+ years of austerity imposed by the Conservatives and now suffering more so during the pandemic. . Are we really all in this together. Methinks not. One law for the mega rich, another for those who work to keep the country on it’s feet. Remunerate the nurses for their honest to goodness hard work for goodness sake.

  3. Megan – what on earth does any of that have to do with Lichfield District Council offering support and advice to local businesses? What do you think of our council helping our businesses? This is a local news site about local issues. The clue is in the title – Lichfield Live. Perhaps if you cared about what is happening to local firms and the help that is being offered by our council and the superb leadership shown by our Conservative party locally, then you might be able to contribute something positive and coherent to our local community too.

  4. @Barry Scott perhaps you’re not aware that I supported small businesses in Lichfield a couple of weeks or so ago on Lichfield Live when our MP was disparaging of them. I cited all the reasons they should be supported and receiving financial help when he was decrying it. Did you ‘pipe up’ then? I don’t believe so. What you have to realise is the hypocrisy of those at the top who have made their fortune out of the Pandemic whilst as our MP himself stated in Lichfield Live, that small businesses were more or less behaving selfishly in wanting financial support. Yes hopefully Lichfield will support small businesses as I was suggesting not that long agom I shall say no more on this subject. I have made my views known.

  5. @Barry Scott, Except to say this my final word. “Lichfield MP called “shameful” over comments on suicides linked to lack of financial support during coronavirus crisis – Lichfield Live

    “Lichfield’s MP has been called “shameful” after saying claims a lack of Government support measures during the coronavirus crisis had led to suicides had been debunked.

    Michael Fabricant made his comments in an email to a member of the Excluded UK group.

    The organisation – which is campaigning for more support for 3million businesses and individuals it says have not been supported during the pandemic – criticised the Conservative MP’s response”… Lichfield Live.

    I believe the Lichfield MP’s comment came after I had commented that his attitude towards financial support for small businesses during the pandemic was deplorable and could have serious consequences possibly leading to mental health problems even suicide for failing business owners

    Why do I see a link between the National and Local? Because I didn’t read any comments from local Conservative councillors disagreeing with the Conservative MP about this issue on Lichfield Live at the time. Now you are wanting all the credit.

    Of course I absolutely agree that it is good and constructive that LDC will be offering support to small businesses which is exactly what I was suggesting way back then. Indeed I have family and friends who have small businesses. But don’t expect me to thank you for this news when you seem unable to criticise members of your own Party publicly when their comments are so obviously wrong. That’s what I call hypocrisy. But thank goodness they will receive help and support now.

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