The MP for Lichfield and Burntwood has been urged to make an “immediate and unreserved apology” after he shared a post on social media regarding arrests at a vigil over the weekend.

Michael Fabricant

A number of women taking part in the gathering – organised in the wake of Sarah Everard’s death – were arrested by police.

The actions of officers has sparked controversy, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying he was “deeply concerned” by footage of the arrests.

A screenshot from Michael Fabricant’s twitter account

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant posted on his Twitter account over the weekend to ask “The police have a tough job at the best of time – was this a vigil or something else?”.

He then retweeted a post suggesting it was “a group of angry morons who were dealt with accordingly”.

His actions have drawn criticism from Cllr Dave Robertson, Labour representative for Curborough ward on Lichfield District Council, who said the MP should apologise immediately.

“I have always had the utmost respect for our hardworking police officers who so often go above and beyond to keep us safe.

“However, the footage from Clapham this weekend shows a police force which got it wrong.

“This week has seen women across the country sharing their experiences of sexual harassment in public spaces and the constant vigilance that they must maintain.

“As a man it has been hard to read many of these stories and to understand the lengths that women must go to feel safe. It has also been clear that men must have a responsibility to speak out and challenge the status quo to make the streets safe for everyone.

“In retweeting this message Mr Fabricant and failed in this responsibility to the women in our communities.

“Mr Fabricant should issue an immediate and unreserved apology for this total lapse in judgement and should urgently seek to educate himself on the issues of sexual harassment and violence towards women so that he can effectively represent all of his constituents.”

Cllr Dave Robertson, Lichfield District Council

Mr Fabricant told Lichfield Live that the behaviour of some members of the gathering were “a disgrace” and not part of a peaceful vigil.

“Although the majority of people present were there for the vigil, there was a vocal and offensive group of women waving placards and flags, spitting at police officers, and chanting ‘f**k the police’.

“This was all clearly visible on social media to anyone who chose to do any research .

“They were not there for any vigil, nor were they showing respect for the memory of Sarah Everard, and neither were they obeying any social distancing rules so endangering others by the possible spread of Covid-19.

“Their behaviour was a disgrace and put the police who were present into an impossible position.

“A thorough enquiry will be held into the actions of the police officers, but I do not subscribe to kneejerk, headline-atching reactions such as that of the Leader of the Liberal Democrats who – without any detailed knowledge of events and on the same evening – immediately called for the resignation of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

“Police officers have a tough enough time of it anyway without having ‘woke’ politicians criticising them without being fully informed of events.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. There’s more chance of finding rocking horse poop or cheese on the moon than that happening……The man is an embarrasement now!

  2. I’ve stopped following Fabricant on Twitter. Yes we are idealogical opposite, but I thought it was important see if he is on top off issues affecting Lichfield.

    How wrong I was.

    How he has the gall to have “socially liberal” in his Twitter bio is beyond the pale. I’ve monitored right-wing agitators on Twitter who have posted less offensive material than he does.

    Lashing out at women mourning the death of a young lady is utterly pathetic, and he should be embarrassed, though he won’t be.

  3. This should not be a party political issue. This should be a basic issue of human rights which we should all agree with, whatever your political point of view.

    I support our MP in many respects but his failure to address the concerns of women within Lichfield is not acceptable. His choice of language is also not acceptable. This is not an issue of left or right, or liberal or whatever else you believe. It is an issue of what is morally correct or wrong.

    My niece lives in the same area as Miss Everard and she attended the vigil on Saturday afternoon. I applaud her for doing so and I fully support of those who attended.

    I have criticised a young local councillor for giving trollers the oxygen of publicity on here. I will now criticise our experienced MP for exactly the same thing. Why draw attention to a very small but highly vocal minority who had nothing to do with the vigil? In doing so you ignore the main issue entirely – violence against women – and you do yourself no credit at all.

    I am hugely supportive of the police. But in this incident they got it badly wrong. The same is true for our MP. He still has my wider support and I maintain he is the best man for the job, but I believe this was a big error on his part.

  4. I would also urge those men (who are as concerned as women) about the safety of their wives, sisters, mothers and female relatives, to consider what kind of MP they will want to represent Lichfield come the next General Election.

  5. Only way for a woman’s safety to be protected by the police and government in this country is for her to go out dressed as a statue.

  6. Fabricant gets off on making unpleasant statements and the negative reactions to them. He’s just a troll, a particularly nasty and dangerous troll, but essentially that is all he is nowadays. That is what we have representing us in government. Sickening.

  7. Although I agree with some of the comments but as a mp shouldn’t be saying ING stupid tweets,,, what about women shop keepers I for 1 have had threats where is the protection for us?? Mr fabricant doesn’t give a sxxt about local people or businesses,,, let alone danger zones for local shop keepers,, no police station no cummunity officers,,, no support so as I agree with protection for women on street look after your local cummunity micheal,,, ladies on street and women in local shops who put up with more than abuse,,, men threatening women with knives or hitting them in face where is the local mp support! Joke it is absolutely!!!!

  8. It’s about time that Michael Fabricant woke up to his responsibilities. What he tweeted and retweeted was offensive to women. He needs now to retract this and apologise. However, sadly, given his past performance on offensive tweets, I’m not holding my breath! I commend Councillor Dave Robertson, my fellow City and District Councillor for Curborough, for bringing this to the attend the public.

  9. I’m afraid Michael was absolutely spot on! Had this been a peaceful vigil to mark the sad lose of an innocent young woman then the police would have been completely wrong to act the way they did. However, this was anything but that. Our Police force have unenviable job where they can jot win, the media chooses the footage they show in order to cause public debate and increase their stakes.
    As for men feeling ashamed for the actions of others, that is absolute dross. No decent man would raise a finger to a woman let alone see another man do so.
    A woman drove into the back of my car this morning, does that mean ALL woman are bad drivers or should be banned from the roads!!

  10. There are individuals who feel it more important to feel good about themselves at the risk of another Covid wave than to protect lives, education and livelyhoods.

  11. Viruses do not respect social niceties. They love herd gatherings to facilitate transmission. If a new variation evolves that is resistant to the vaccines now being used the consequences will be dire. This is surely obvious.
    I feel that there were mixed motivations for the vigil for Sarah Everard. I also think that the motivations for proper protection and justice for women are very relevant. But! If this meeting leads to the infection of others then it is not justified. The lockdown is for a real purpose and should be without exception.
    This situation is complex and does put the police in an invidious position, especially as ‘one of its own’ is involved but they have to uphold the law. Perhaps when and if a Sarah’s law can be enacted this will be the greatest respect we can give her and women in general. The activationists should consider this and not use a solemn occasion oppertunisticly.
    As for our MPs. comments, well who cares!

  12. Tony & Roger, totally agree with you. It was a total disgrace that these individuals had no respect for the covid rules and used the sad passing to their own selfish means by an illegal gathering, and now we have the snowflake brigade jumping up and down to blame the police.

  13. @Tony Round so “No decent man would raise a finger to a woman let alone see another man do so”. I say no decent man would respond to a young woman in a derogatory manner more especially when he is in a position of power like Mr Fabricant has done previously. No decent man would call those women morons either. He would understand how they are feeling and ameliorate his language accordingly. There are other more positive ways of using language and expressing yourself without being abusive. Unless his opinion is also your own. @Roger Jackson this morning I write a comment on another article about Mr Rupert Soames, Sir Winston Churchill’s grandson, the boss of the Caledonian Sleeper train service has admitted travelling hundreds of miles to visit his holiday home in Scotland.

    Initially Serco chief executive Rupert Soames had denied ignoring lockdown rules when he travelled from London to Inverness for a ­business trip.

    It should not be happening. Clearly, he has not been listening and he seems oblivious to the guidance. Does he think because he is a senior person in business it is okay for him to travel?”

    Questions have been asked about why ­meetings could not be held online”. Mr Jackson I didn’t see you comment about his non compliance with the pandemic law.

  14. This morning I also commented on an article about dog theft. “It is time that the safety and protection of women is placed high on the National Police Service agenda. It seems nothing has changed since Suzy Lamplugh. It is scandalous. More concerned about dogs and property theft than the safety of women says a lot about the nature of society and of our so called Leaders in the UK today. Enough is enough. There needs to be a complete total overall in all sectors of our life about the continuing prehistoric cultural attitudes towards women that are still prevelant.. And this from a dog lover.+”. In case you missed itn

  15. I don’t think our local MP likes women very much. Tweeting that a female journalist makes him want to “punch her in the throat”, calling a teenage girl in his constituency an offensive word relating to female genitalia, again on Twitter, and now this. He instinctively sides with the powerful and is rude, arrogant and out-of-touch.

    Our local Conservative Association need to find someone younger and with some decency and competence about them. Unless, of course, come 2024 they feel that a 74-year-old sexist Islamophobic exhibitionist embarrassment best represents Lichfield on the national stage.

  16. Seeing pictures of young women being manhandled by three men at once Makes me feel sick.
    Fabricant loves having an opportunity to talk rubbish as it gives him the attention he craves.
    He needs to go.

  17. It is very sad that the MP for Lichfield does his best to make constituents look bad again.

    Hopefully people will see him for what he is and not as someone who truly represents the views or beliefs of people in Lichfield. At least not me in any case!

    It would appear that the silence on his vile misogyny, from people in his party locally says they are however, happy that he reflects the views of the local Conservatives on the subject of violence against women and standing up against it. Let’s not forget him saying he would punch a female journalist in the throat and calling a female constituent a word I will not repeat in this public forum.

    What I would like to know is, did he realise how vile his retweet was, or did someone have to tell him? There must after all be some reason why he felt the need to delete it.

    One thing is for certain, Lichfield deserves better, much better.

  18. Ahhhh. @Phil now you have shown your true colours, usually your response of late on any article I have commented upon has been, “I didn’t know that”, in what I thought was a rather sarcastic vein. It takes a sarcastic person to know one matey. However I use sarcasm very sparingly. You would be wise to do so too. Apparently you do know mysogony then? Needing to spring to the defence of an MP who really doesn’t deserve my attention and the police who need to get on and get reformed. I guess that’s where the change should start. At the top. I hope Cressida Dick is up to the job.

  19. What should have happened is that the ladies going the the vigil should have arrived to proclaim their silent respect and when realising that the venue was overcrowded they should have gone home so that social distancing would not be compromised
    The Birmingham vigil was a sea of serenity by comparison compared with this breaking of lockdown law

  20. No one seems to have mentioned that the vigil was peaceful, and respectfully socially distant, as evidenced by the coverage of the Duchess of Cambridge’s attendance. It was until the Met Police decided to “kettle” the attendees and force them into a much smaller area that did not allow for social distancing, also preventing the attendees from leaving.
    The Police created the very danger they claim to have needed to prevent.

  21. We’re now at a point where, any dissenting voice is immediately anti women, anti man, anti gay, etc.etc. It’s absurd. Having a different view of something doesn’t immediately make you an “ist”. It is still possible to have a difference of opinion and not be a misogynist, homophobe, racist etc.

    Sadly, if you have a slightly different view of something days , you’re immediately enemy of the state. What’s it called when you’re not allowed to have a dissenting voice?? That’s it – Iran.

  22. The whole thing was organised to show that this country has had enough of violence against women. Calling them morons just shows how out of touch you are with the people of Lichfield.

  23. Fabricant must go. It’s clear that he is simply a puppet, parroting the lies and half-truths of his masters in the Conservative Party. He is out of touch with the people of Lichfield, as can be shown by his vote to curtail the right to protest.
    Lichfield deserves better.

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