Time is running out for people to have their say on the future of car parking in Lichfield city centre.

More than 900 responses have been received so far, with the consultation due to end at midnight on Sunday (21st March).

Lichfield District Council says the feedback will help develop a long-term strategy for parking provision.

Cllr Liz Little, cabinet member responsible for economic development, said:

“I’d like to thank everyone that has responded to the consultation so far and am really pleased at the amount of feedback we have received.

“I would encourage anyone that hasn’t already completed the questionnaire to visit our website and put their views forward.”

Cllr Liz Little, Lichfield District Council

People can still take part in the consultation at www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/parkingconsultation

The eventual strategy will form part of the city centre masterplan project.

“The next piece of the jigsaw we will look at will be our public realm strategy – this deals with all of the spaces in and around our city centre buildings.

“We will be launching consultation on this in May and are very much hoping that, subject to the easing of restrictions, we will be able to do more face to face engagement with residents, visitors to Lichfield and businesses.”

Cllr Liz Little, Lichfield District Council

16 replies on “Time running out to have your say on future of car parking in Lichfield city centre”

  1. Leave Bird Street Car Park and Disabled Bays as they were before the Covid Saga. There was nothing wrong with it.

  2. It makes no difference what people views are, LDC will ignore if it’s not within their own master plan. Up until recently I played a really positive part in contributing to local plans, alas the plans trump anything & anyone when it suits….

    LDC & SCC pretend to listen, let’s see how many more buildings they can squeeze into Lichfield, before it becomes unmanageable, people say HS2 is eroding the landscape, we be had it long before then…,.,don’t be fooled into thinking your views are considered….

  3. Couldn’t agree more Simon.
    This brainless Council messed up big time in Market Square area blaming social distancing but they will still do what they want to do and ignore public opinion. Remember the ‘Kennings’ site disaster.
    Pedestrianisation is coming. Watch this space

  4. Bring back parking for disabled on streets. Not enough parking in city centre for those unable to walk far. Bird street car park needs enlarging, instead of building more apartments. Too expensive for parking for those who have to park every day.

  5. Just hope LDC get THEIR decision correct re Car Parking, I think despite Laypeople having a say on future Car Parking LDC will do as they always do ignore consultation, proven by the Kennings fiasco.

  6. Are people just venting on here, or are they actually giving their views to the council as the article invites them to?

  7. I agree with the comments made by Simon, Rob Turner and many others particularly regarding disabled parking and hope that the council can prove that they are listening and NOT just going through the motions!

    I trust that they are open and honest and follow the example indicated in my surname.
    John Pickwell

  8. Why would you want to park in Lichfield Centre? The Council and Covid has killed it off. LDC are too full of their own self importance to see things from a citizens perspective. They have destroyed the ethos of the city in a generation. They want to build houses on the car parks….They will! Perhaps there is an explanation for their actions. You never get them on here to express them.

  9. People’s views will not be listened to…..LDC will do what they want, people will go elsewhere to shop, pity but there it is !!!

  10. City centre parking essential for those with mot ability problems, or, just cannot manage to walk far? Does the LDC think payment of fees will increase shopper’s to centre, I don’t think so, and not everybody wants to use buses for same reasons?

  11. It’s all very disappointing money money money that’s all the council is interested in people will just shop at Ventura.

  12. I have no car of any worth to use. It will probably go for scrap at some stage. It’s likely I will not get another. Who am I to say. I am no longer a car driver. Better bus and train services. Though the likelihood is I shall probably never use HS2.

  13. Lovely planters around the square, what a waste of good disabled parking spaces.
    Cannot believe it ? Words fail me !

  14. I agree with many on here that the council does whatever it wants. Since councils were founded, they like to think they’re part of the community by asking for feedback and views of its community but in reality, they make the decisions and that will never change. Whatever the council wants to do with parking they will do. Rather complain or speculate on what they’re going to do, just let them do it then we can complain and moan. Like it’s been done for centuries.

  15. I have filled in the questionnaire, on the basis that, like elections, if you don’t make your views known or vote, you will lack some credibility when moaning about the result. Whether the consultation will be listened to by LDC remains to be seen, but they don’t have a good track record on such things.

  16. John Allen – I agree completely. I too have filled out the survey and been critical of the council’s approach to parking in general and particularly in terms of accessibility for those with mobility issues. I believe the decision to remove disabled parking bays over the last 12 months is the tip of the iceberg in many ways. Moving Motobility to a wholly unsuitable location and the general lack of awareness about accessibility is not acceptable in this day and age.

    It will be interesting to see if the council do actually listen. I admire the council leader’s talk about more transparency and engagement with us. But on this issue it has failed miserably so far.

    The ultimate penalty for failure to be transparent and engage with local people should come at the ballot box. I hope all parties remember that fact and more importantly so do all voters.

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