Erasmus Darwin Academy. Picture: Google Streetview

The efforts of a team of “phenomenal” volunteers has been hailed for helping to get pupils back to school in Burntwood.

Erasmus Darwin Academy’s head of school said the testing programme had been a success.

Philip Walklate praised those who had stepped forward to support the work carried out.

“Thanks to an army of phenomenal volunteers, incredible staff who worked beyond their conventional responsibilities and tremendous students, I am very proud to say that our mass testing programme was a huge success.

“Gargantuan thanks to everybody involved in our mass testing programme.”

Philip Walklate, Erasmus Darwin Academy

The school is now switching to home testing for pupils as part of the coronavirus reopening roadmap.

“Students have been issued with kits which they are to use on a Wednesday and Sunday evening.

“We have confirmed that testing must continue throughout Easter and beyond until further notice.”

Philip Walklate, Erasmus Darwin Academy

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