A Burntwood man aiming to win a seat on Staffordshire County Council says he can provide the “strong representation” the town needs.

Paul Taylor has been confirmed as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Burntwood South seat at the elections in May.

Paul Taylor

The former DJ and small business owner – who now works as a VAT manager for an international clothing retailer – says he is proud to be contesting the seat in his home town.

“I’ve been an ardent supporter of Burntwood, its people and its businesses for many years – I grew up here, went to school here and I raised my family here. Burntwood made me.

“Over the last few years I’ve followed local politics very closely, attending many council and committee meetings to watch.

“As we emerge from COVID-19 lockdown I think Burntwood will need strong representation to make sure residents and businesses recover well.

“I can make those representations without being tied to the politics of the left or the right, but with an emphasis strongly on fairness for all. The Liberal Democrats have campaigned on fairness for many years.

“There’s nowhere quite like Burntwood and, if elected, I would be proud to make sure Staffordshire County Council is aware of what it needs to make the most of that uniqueness.”

Paul Taylor

The party has also confirmed that Jamie Christie will contest the Burntwood North seat.

“I’m pleased to have been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Burntwood North.

“Campaigning will be very different this year, but I look forward to reaching out to local residents through new means to understand the representation they want.”

Jamie Christie

The two Lib Dem candidates are the latest to be confirmed for the vote in May.

The Conservatives have opted for local town councillor Thomas Loughbrough in the Burntwood North seat, with former Lichfield District Council leader Mike Wilcox contesting Burntwood South.

Labour’s Sue Woodward will be hoping to retain her north seat, while district and town councillor Darren Ennis will battle it out in Burntwood South.

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